Fathers and Sons

Does anyone ever someone's mother or father in the film, when in reality they were younger than their "daughters" and "sons»?
Back in the 1940s and 1950s, middle-aged star actors playing the young people in their 50s, while, as the actress is no longer starred (due to limitations in the choice of roles) upon reaching 35 years of age. Thus it is not so easy to find an actress who plays the mother of the actor (male) when she was older than him. However, by some miracle, I managed to find an example of "mother", who was younger than his "son" (as you might think, why I raised this question?). In 1959, Jesse Landis Roizen, 54-year-old actress who played the role of the mother of 55-year-old Cary Grant in Hitchcock's classic "North by Northwest". No less incredible that in 1968 in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang depicted the father (Lionel Jeffries) was a year younger than her "son" Dick Dyke baths.


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