"You just broke your child. Well done! "Cry of the soul single father blew the Internet!

Article lone programmer and father Dan Pierce, which he publishes on his blog, are popular with the public because of good style, relaxed humor and a broad range of monitored topics - from social trends to parenting and human relations. The same post, please, post-treatment, is very uncharacteristic for him, and very different from the others both in tone and in content, literally blew the Internet! What is wrong with fathers in the world according to Dan?

Fathers. That's enough to "break" their children. Please. I>

After the scene in the store, I witnessed yesterday I had to write this article. Please read it inside and out. The article is riddled with despair and anger - for which I beg your pardon - but to speak out on this issue was necessary. This had to share, and everyone should read it. I>

My son and I were standing in line, I saw a boy aged about six years timidly approached his father and asked him to buy ice cream on the way home. His father looked him up and threw it through the teeth to the kid "otvyal and shut his mouth." The child quickly pressed himself against the wall and fell silent. I>

The queue moved slowly forward, and the boy went back in time to his father, humming some children's song as if he had forgotten about the recent angry parent. Dad turned back to the child, only to berate of noise. The little boy again wilted and pressed himself against the wall. I>

I was disturbed and puzzled by this situation. How could this man does not see what I saw? How could he not notice the child again and again? Why is he in such a hurry to cut the feelings of his son on the vine? Why is this father did not appreciate what a glorious time when it can be for the child to all the most important person in the world? I>

In the queue we had three, when the boy went back to his father. At this time the father, suddenly came out of the turn, squeezed with force collarbone son until he grimaced in pain, and threatened him: "Even though time derneshsya or pisknesh - I get home!" The child pressed his back against the wall. At this time it is no longer noisy and did not move. He wilted, his beautiful baby face inclined to the floor and lost all expression. He broke - like this and like daddy. Break the child was easier than to mess with him. I>

And then we think, why have so many children subsequently fate rolling downhill. i>

I'll be blunt. Having seen our relationship with her son, people often begin to sing my praises as a father who loves his son more than other fathers of their children. Hell, I do not know as before, and I can not understand! Love your son, to raise him, to touch, to play, just to be with him ... It's not the job for superpap! This is what every father must do! Always. Smoothly. To me there is nothing surprising - I'm just a father who loves his son and would do everything possible for his health, safety and welfare. I'd rather get my hammer toe or rake face, than humiliate her son! I>

I have to perfect my father away. So it is, I fear, will continue. But my father and I are very very good, and my son will always feel that he can overcome any difficulty. Why is that? Because of this I have already taken care of. I know how important in the life of the child's father and what he can do for the formation of the baby confidence. I realize that all I do or say will be absorbed by the child - for the benefit of future or harm. Why is it some fathers do not reach - that's what I do not understand. I>

Fathers, I appeal to you. Did you not warms the soul when you Think with your child in the morning or returning home from work? Do not you realize that all the self-esteem of the child may depend on facial expressions with which you respond to them? You understand that the child becomes what you call it? If you constantly hang on the human one and the same label, sooner or later, it will start the match. Is your child just "natupil as I ever have not seen?" It was indeed "the most ridiculous thing, which only can be done?" Do you really believe that your child - an idiot? It was he who believes in it now. Think about it. He believes in what you say. Now pat your diligence. I>

Who will believe you, fathers, that the break for 20 minutes on a TV or computer to play with the child - unsustainable business? And the need to play with the baby every day. Do not you realize that the credibility of your son or daughter to you depends on whether you play with him or not, and how you are involved in your overall game. Can you imagine the amount of damage that you put a child that does not play with him? I>

Papa. Who should buy into a pathetic excuse of the need of your anger for the process of education? You see, the anger - is the emotion of those who want to control others, but can not even control itself. Do not you know that there are plenty of good books and courses offering to teach you something more? And imagine how quickly a child breaks down or, conversely, becomes uncontrollably cocky, if only by raising the anger and rage? Are you so hardened that do not feel anything, seeing how the child gets antsy in your presence and how trying to be invisible? Do you really want your child afraid of you? I>

Can you imagine, daddy, how important is tactile contact? You do not know how important the emotional bond between you and your child builds a simple touch? You think pat the baby's back or stomach before going to bed - a trifle? Not at all. Fathers, wake up! These gentle, freshly formed souls under your care, are incredibly sensitive. Your every word said or not said, every act done or not done, will leave some imprint on their future impact on the propensity, the ability and success of the child. I>

Do not you know that your children are bound to be wrong? And imagine the harm that you inflict son when poke his nose in his blots or daughter when makes her feel nothing, despite the fact that it is just something spills from? Humiliate the child as simple as saying, "The hell it is you surrendered?" Or "Well, how many times you repeat ...┬╗ i>

I'd like something else to ask you? You once saw in his eyes swollen from crying parent whose child died recently? Cried at the funeral of a child? Touches to a wooden box, knowing that whoever is inside, never to rise up and do not laugh? I>

If you need motivation to be the best parent on earth - here it is. I went through a similar, and pray that this will never happen to anyone. I>

Fathers. It is time to tell our children that we love them, and show that love into practice. Of course, both - repeatedly. Enjoy their daily million questions, jokes and their moods, facial expressions and correctly spoken words, by their inability to do things as quickly as we can it. Rejoice in all that is inherent in our children. It's time to learn how it is done, prioritize and become a real father did. I>

Show your sons, how they need to behave with women and daughters - to what relationship they can count. Find a compassion for your child, learn to empathize with him. Time to break social norms and show children the way of life that is worthy of man. Learn the proper gender roles, the preference wrong - out! So what if your son likes pink? This is someone hurt? You know, it hurts to realize the child that to him that something was wrong because he liked the "wrong" color? You know how much damage we are doing to the girls labeled "tomboy" and the boy - "not a man", and only because they dare to have their own point of view on certain things ?! And those things really do not matter! I>

Fathers. Speak softly and calmly as the sons and daughters with. You do not want your child does not have self-esteem, as such, that he had no friends? Few people understand what parents need to engender a sense of self-esteem in their children that it is their responsibility to teach kids the basics of survival in society. I>

Children see how you verbally proclaim one thing and live quite differently. Nobody thinks that we do not give them an incentive to live in accordance with their wishes and interests. Whether it's politics, religion, or social norms - children should not be afraid of your own preference and not be ashamed of them. Parents need to teach children is not that they need to think of any issue, and how to think correctly! Only then can we not be afraid of their choice. After all, for their beliefs a person is willing to die, and someone else should be only as long as both should be burnt. I>

Hell, daddy! Birthright for ice cream without the fear of being humiliated, and have broken every child! No kid should not be at the same time hiding in terror and fear the person to whom it is supposed to be a hero, and he was just a small little man. Every child has the inherent right to happiness, to laugh, to play and fun. Why do not you give him that right? Every kid on earth deserves a father, able to think before he spoke, his father, who understands what a terrible power over someone else's life given to him, his father, who loves the child more than a computer, TV or some other junk, the father who is willing to sacrifice for the sake of the child their time. Superottsa deserves everyone. I>

Maybe most daddy just do not deserve the children they have. i>

Maybe most papas, strictly speaking, does not deserve the title "father┬╗. i>

I apologize to readers for the vehemence of his post. I guess part of me still feels guilty for cowardice, for what I did not say anything to the man in the store. Read this article in my penance. Something inside me says that if even one person read my text and decides to become a better father, all of it will be written for a reason. If the text will improve the life of at least one child, it will be worth all my requests to you to share it with other people. I>

Fathers. Children - are gifts. They then gave us not that we break them. On the contrary, we have to nurture them, and do it well. Join me, and we will show the world that good fathers are actually a lot. I>

Pierce thought really deep and strong, and she deserves to see it as many as possible. Share this text with your friends, pass on the baton of useful and important knowledge!



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