The Photocall of "Wild babies": the fathers and children in the animal world



Wild babies.

The problem of "fathers and children" cared and worried not one generation. 20, 30, and 100 years ago, the parents claimed that "they weren't," and that "the current generation is out of control". Years passed, and yesterday the children themselves become adults, and repeated the words of mothers to address their children word for word. By the way, very interesting to observe the relationship of parents and children in the animal world. As it turned out, the fiercest animals can be extremely gentle with their young. You can verify this by checking our review of.

Photocall of the Wild babies.


Fathers and children in the animal world.






The elephant and the baby elephant.



Fathers and sons


Scientists have proved that animals have maternal instincts developed not worse, than humans. Of course this is no accident. Thus nature tries to protect newborn animals from the miseries of the outside world. But watch out for the affection animal mothers, of course, very nice.










The children and their mothers.


No less beautiful pictures of lovers of animals. And here the feelings are expressed not only children but also partners. Love doves, giraffes, lions – who just can not be found in our photo gallery. Affect not only the emotions of animals, but also the skill of the photographers who managed to catch the right moment and make an interesting shot.





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