Instincts in modern life

With the word "instinct" is usually associated with the most vile, evil deeds of man. In fact, according to biology, this word indicated the innate programs of behavior. People are born with a huge number of instincts, the best of which are passed on from generation to generation.

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Each person is characterized by love of country – their country in which hundreds of cities, thousands of villages, millions of people. For the sake of its prosperity all the work and suffer hardships. This Home we feel conscious feelings, consciously seek to instill her love of all others.

But each person has another home to which love no one knowingly planted. Don't need to. This home is a tiny point on the map of the country, a place where one was born and started to grow up. Though this place may be virtually indistinguishable from thousands of similar – it's the one and only. The image of this homeland of the man carries with him his entire life, not forgetting even for a second. Surely love of country is an instinct? Yes. Exactly. It was clarified by migratory birds: Chicks were taken away from the parental nest, and were detained until the autumn, before migrating to warmer climes. After the winter the birds were waiting for two addresses. The result is amazing:

grown-up birds in most cases, returned "home" (to a new place), except those who have reached a certain critical age these birds back to where they were originally taken. Therefore, birds s tied to a specific place on earth in my childhood... It's called "imprinting", which means "imprint" of information in the brain. Instinctive homeland is not a place of birth, and the place where was the most emotional period of my childhood. In modern humans the most striking imprinting is carried out from 2 to 12 years, hence it is best the greatest experiences and joy be remembered in this period of human life.

Everyone has such friends, who all his life engaged in intellectual work, fiddling with paperwork, went on business trips, and work with your hands not and could not. The house is not what the shelf fix – hook-nail – problem. Retired... And changed. Trees planted and transplanted, and the beds in perfect order, and so what began to happen compote – delicious taste. About such talk: woke up craving for land. In this case, if you say: instinct, do not be surprised too obvious.

So why a person has had the instinct of the gardener, and even more have survived to the present day? The fact that it took tens of thousands of years to develop the whole process of becoming not bringing food land in the fertile field. About nine thousand years ago there was a slash and burn agriculture, which in fact is a product of the human mind. The forest burned, cut, sown; the land was fruitful for several years, and then fields again burned, cut, sow... "Burn and slash" is the name of this method.

Tens of thousands of years of farming activities could be gone without a trace, because even nowadays people have seen this instinct, this strange, but only at first sight, the pull of the earth.

Love for dogs is also instinct, which appeared in primitive society. The dog was necessary for survival – a mutually beneficial Union of two poorly armed predators. A man goes hunting – dogs to seek out prey, and the man kills her and leaves his "assistants" do not end up gnawed bones for these animals have remained a craving for a kind of cooperation. Long thousands, maybe those tens of thousands of years man had only one friend – the dog, so modern humans (not all of course) unconscious attraction to dogs.

Dogs and people are almost not at odds, but in ancient times, leopards and tigers – the enemies of the people — was missing; people today actively pay attention to the yellow and black stripes, regardless of their application. It's instinct... And suddenly a tiger?! You have to run!

These dangerous animals on the streets there, but the yellow / black color is used in many places where it would be worthwhile to focus on, for example, speed bumps and other humps. In Russia operates a mobile phone network "Beeline". Its logo is black and yellow horizontal stripes. The instinct will be to focus on that... And if there is attention there is interest. So a large company and "played" with "human feelings".

Instinct well cooperates with the mind. Ancient Lord of conduct does not require blind obedience, but directs the desires and thoughts, allowing the mind full freedom of choice. Life changes, the ancient instinct, and therefore are given the mind we to find guidance in a variety of unexpected situations.

People have the feeling that they act the way they were brought up, but never comes the idea that the stimulus to the action is something ancient, alien to the mind. So hard to believe that the motivation of behavior involved instincts. More skills and know – hearty live and survive, an ancient instinct, which is currently in great demand.

We, the people, have almost ceased to fight instincts. Instincts are not jammed mind. Better cooperate, right? published

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