Victim technologies

It happened ten or twelve years ago, when the ATM was still not as much as plastic credit cards do not have time to enter firmly into use.
However, some organizations have already begun to train their employees to their progressive settlement system and began to bless them with these benefits of civilization.
Among other issues a card with payroll and humble guy Andriusha Donetsk. When issuing asked him if he knew how to deal with this handheld device, what Andrew, because the said modesty replied: "Yes." "Business-fact - it is reasonable to think Andrew - Western films seen where these cards shoved in ATMs. What are people's time-consuming. We will understand. " And headed home.
Along the way, decided to withdraw from your card a certain amount of cash for the purchase of products (terminals in markets while still were not found). Walked over to the machine. Holes were two. Since no one else came up and spy procedure was not possible, and Andrew decided to put his card into one of the holes. And do not guess. Apparatus grunted something unintelligible and refused to issue the card back.
Andrew sad, then scored the most coveted pin number of the bank and told about his bad luck. The bank, as usual, listened very carefully, asked a few additional questions and promised to solve the problem within a day. Andrew grieved more about what and told the rescue service cards. Since the cash he did not exist, and have wanted to eat badly enough. He was advised to wait for the machine. If a client comes with a check, you must spit out the card machine.
Here it is necessary to describe one detail. Andrew is a typical example of external and internal inconsistencies. And just the same goodness of pathological appearance had the most awesome - growth under two meters, cubic complexion and face - the theory of Lombroso hangs. For in the face Andryushin happily joined all four types of criminals.
And then there is this character of "Scarlet flower" in front of the machine with money and kept a sharp lookout for customers. And they are not so much. And checks until they fit. It should be long enough. The guard of the bank begins at him askance glances. And then - oh, miracle - flies devchushechka. With the check. Andrew for a moment staring at this heavenly creation and missed the moment of occurrence of the slot treasured piece of plastic. And she quickly snatched it and was about to move off back home.
Andrew, seeing that out monthly food, issued a muffled sound and rushed to the girl. Girl on this picture was not good and her legs buckled. With horror, looking at Andrew, she is addicted voice asked:
-What Exactly is your card? PIN know?
Andrew was relieved to confirm that, yes, the order knows. Suggested even see how he will withdraw money. Girl trembling hand handed card. But watch the procedure removal of cash for some reason did not go.


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