An interesting day today. From the point of view of "this day in history." I'm not going to graduate in order of importance - every man for himself can arrange priorities. But:
International Roma Day. Oh, how interesting. In Congress assembled forty-two years ago (not even so: First World Romani Congress). Considered a quorum held (thirty countries sent representatives). Yes, and decided to consider themselves non-territorial nation (well, and without an order as if by itself turned out) and took the flag and anthem (and this is interesting and to the point). Well, decided to celebrate this thing every year. Well done, what to say. For example, anyone heard about the day Russian? Americans (no, it's a bad example. These holiday without missing. God forbid). Or Italians? Nope. A Roma Day - is. Estimate the number of people today (clear the stump, rough - a census is not up to snuff) from eight to ten million. It is considered by experts that the main branches of the nomadic people - six. There are Roma (Gypsies humble self), even in Brazil.
Curious coincidence - today our neighbors, Belarus and Russia - note time staff military commissioners. Very, I would say, is symbolic. Of all people, and these guys are as few others are related to the nomads. And if we do not move, then move the other actively. So it seems completely logical decision to celebrate it on the same day.


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