200th anniversary of Mexico's independence

This week, Mexico celebrated the 200th anniversary since the beginning of the War of Independence. In September 1810 the Mexican priest Miguel Hidalgo and-Costil called on the people to revolt against the Spaniards. This cry later became known as the cry of Dolores. Shortly thereafter constant skirmishes with the Spaniards turned into a real war, which lasted more than 10 years, and as a result led to the independence of Mexico. 200 years later, tens of thousands of Mexicans took to the streets of Mexico City to celebrate this landmark date. But the celebration was held in the shadow of unpleasant events, including drug war and criticism of the government. Collected here are photos from the celebration of the 200th anniversary of Mexico's independence.

1. Women soldiers in traditional Mexican costumes take part in a dress rehearsal before the parade in honor of Mexican Independence Day on September 10 in Mexico City. (AP Photo / Alexandre Meneghini)

2. Aircraft Pilatus PC-7 flying during the celebration of the 200th anniversary of Mexico's independence in the capital on September 13. (REUTERS / Henry Romero)

3. The artist works on his painting - portrait of Mexican revolutionary during the contest in honor of Independence Day in Mexico City on 11 September. (ALFREDO ESTRELLA / AFP / Getty Images)


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