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About Texas and Texans walks a lot of jokes. And it is still a truly unique state as part of the United States.
Get at least that Texas is the first and still the only internationally recognized as an independent state, is directly admitted to the US as a state - an equal member of the union (in London still has its embassy where give crappy steak). And since Texas joined the United States as an independent state, this state only has the right to conduct a referendum on independence. Also, the flag of Texas - the only one who has the right to be on the flagpoles at the same level with the federal. Having a high status, Texas when entering the United States slandered some features that are unique to the United States. Firstly, all of the land and subsoil States remains belong to the people of the state of Texas was not federal lands. Second, the fear of political instability, Texas stipulated the possibility of separating into five shtatov.Pri entry into the territory of the United States of Texas included all the lands of the modern State of Texas, as well as uninhabited northern areas that are under contract on September 9, 1850 were transferred to the Government US as external debt of Texas ($ 10 million). Subsequently, the federal territories were divided between the future state of New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas and Wyoming.
Among the most memorable historical events are the following:
Ā - 2 February 1848 (165th godovschinka today!), When the US grabbed more than half of Mexico's territory it was then.
-Imenno In Texas - May 12, 1865 - was the last battle of the Civil War
-Ponyatnoe Case, the assassination of John F. Kennedy November 22, 1963 in Dallas.
Texas is at the head of separatist sentiment in the United States. March 6, 2011 in front of the Congress (parliament) in the capital of the State of Texas Austin was a demonstration demanding the independence of the state. The reason for this meeting in the first place was called growing US national debt. The demonstration was timed to the independence Tehasa.V 2012, after the reelection of Barack Obama in the White House Web site was posted a petition to the US administration on the peaceful secession. By this petition subsequently joined by more citizens at least 20 states. These appeal to the president became the first mass "separatist" protest after secession from the United States in 1861, six states of the South, who did not vote for President-elect Lincoln. The authors of the petitions refer to the provisions of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, as well as to "disregard the federal government's" economic issues and "flagrant violation of the rights of US citizensĀ».
Well, it is. From the category of events is extremely unlikely. Although, it would be fun to watch. Again base NASA in Houston. With it, then how to be?
And a little more lyubytnogo the second largest state in the composition of United Steyts:
-I Hope of Texas at different times waving flags 6: French Fleur de Li, Spanish, Mexican, flag of the Republic of Texas, the flag of the Confederate States of America, and finally the United States.
-Kapitoly Texas, located in Austin, in general appearance to Washington, but is faced with pink granite top and decorated with the Statue of Liberty holding a Texas star. As governor's building several other southern states, Texas Capitol converted to the south, not north. Texas State Capitol building in Washington and above slightly less massive.
-Stolitsa Texas moved 15 times.


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