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Everyone knows that lions can be found in Africa, the buffalo in North America, kangaroos in Australia and so on. It is endemic to these territories and the species is not unusual if you will see them there. In this list we destroy some misconceptions, some well-known animals can live where you do not expect to see them. These animals are not just escaped pets: they thrive on these areas and their populations spread over large areas. The next time someone says that he saw the road for some unusual animal, try to believe them - they can not lie! 10. Camels in Avstralii

Usually, camels found in Africa and parts of Asia, but also in Australia there is a population of wild camels in the amount of 1 million individuals. The population multiplies at an incredible rate, increasing twice every 9 years. Camels in the country had introduced a multi-Brun Conrad (Conrad Multe-Brun), which the camels were needed to explore the uninhabited Australian desert. Since arriving, the creatures have become pests - they eat the tops of plants and destroy the infrastructure for water. Sometimes such that the camels broke into the house to drink from the toilet. Because of this, hunters are allowed to kill camels, but their population is still growing. 9. Zebras in Tehase

In Texas, there are ranches where hunters are allowed to kill zebras for a great price. People zebras brought to Texas, where they began to multiply. People do not interfere in the affairs of the population, in addition to hunting. Ranchers do not feed them and do not make the breed is completely wild population of zebras. The temperature and environmental conditions are similar to Texas African, allowing zebras to breed and live full lives. 8. Hippos in Kolumbii

In the 1980s, a well-known drug lord / Pablo Escobar billionaire (Pablo Escobar) built a zoo in his back yard. One of his favorite species were four hippopotamus from Africa. After his death, the authorities decided that the animals are too big and dangerous to be transported elsewhere and left them to die. Instead, the animals were able to escape into the wild, where they still live. By 2007 the population had grown to 16 individuals living in the river Magdalena (Magdalena). When Escobar was thinking about his legacy, he hardly imagined that he would leave behind a hippopotamus. 7. Parrots in San Frantsisko

Most of the wild parrots living in the jungles of South America, and they are often kept as pets for a beautiful color. In San Francisco, a few parrots flew away from their masters. Unlike other escaped pets, parrots have survived and began to multiply, obzhivaya quarter of Telegraph Hill. Parrots of Telegraph Hill became popular and are now a tourist attraction. Their population has reached 100 individuals. Beautiful green and red birds are very friendly and like when they are fed. 6. Monkeys in Floride

In the continental United States of America do not live freestyle primates (other than humans). However, in the humid swamps of Florida, in the Silver River State Park (Silver River State) there is a colony of rhesus monkeys. In 1938, a tour operator that offers boat tours, monkeys released into the wild in an effort to attract more tourists. After 60 years in existence the colony received new individuals after Hurricane Andrew. During a hurricane destroyed laboratory experiments on animals, releasing a few monkeys free. Despite their good-natured appearance, being prone to violence and strong enough, which is why tourists are advised not to approach him. 5. Panthers in Anglii

Although none of the official government organizations do not recognize this, there is a belief that in England living several large cat, which receives daily 3-4 testimonials from eyewitnesses. People who saw the animals, describe them as "big and black," which looks like a panther. There are several possible explanations for the appearance of animals, but leading theories related to the Dangerous Wild Animals adopted in 1976. When the law came into force, the owners of dangerous animals should have imposed huge fines. Because of this, many of these owners have released "home" pets, including panthers, free. 4. The penguins in South Afrike

Penguins associated with frozen wastelands and floating glaciers. In fact, there are other penguins, such as Africa (also known as points) penguin. Unlike the emperor penguins, which prefer cold climate, African penguins live on the warm beaches of South Africa. Most often they are in the water, but sometimes they can be seen on the ground. Lucky visitors sometimes the beach can enjoy a swim in the crystal clear waters with these creatures smyshl—Ďnymi. 3. Sharks in the lakes without an outlet to moryu

Bull shark, perhaps best known freshwater sharks that can be found in rivers and bays. In rare circumstances, it can withstand flooding sharks through land plots, and they fall into the lake without any outlet to the sea. A similar set of circumstances happened in 2007 in Australia, resulting in 10 bull sharks caught in the lake on the golf course. Several months passed, and the shark continued to live there, multiplying and increasing in size. In spite of all the dangers involved, the players and the owners of the golf course loved sharks because children stopped coming to the lake and dismantle the lost golf balls. 2. Emu in Tehase

Once again, Texas is becoming home to a population of unusual animals - this time, the population of Emus. In the early 1990s, some Texas farmers believed that breeding emus can earn a lot of money. When the investment did not justify itself, many emu left to fend for themselves in the wilderness. Given that their natural habitat in Australia is very similar to the conditions in Texas - the emu population flourished - today there are hundreds of huge, who can not fly the birds. 1. tarantulas in Anglii

When we read some of England - attention! If the Panthers were not enough, you have to fear more and Chilean rose tarantula (Chilean Rose Tarantulas). These spiders, which grow to a size of 25 centimeters, come to England to transport containers from Central America. If England will stand out quite hot and humid month, spiders can start to multiply. While there was no significant colony of spiders, but over the past few years have been found a few individuals. If you've somehow meet these spiders, in any case, do not approach them - when the spider danger, it uses its hind legs to "shoot" in predator poisonous hairs which can cause severe pain and even blindness. Do what everyone else is doing, when they see an enormous spider - run aimlessly!

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