The envy of the Ukrainian farmer

What do we know about Iceland? That it is somewhere in the North. Not so at the Pole, but close enough, by our standards. Well, the capital of Reykjavik with a funny, on our own, again, standards, population 150 thousand people, which, however, is, half the population of the island. Yes, the island! Volcanoes and geysers there - well, heard something.
And yet there is agriculture. Imagine that. Engaged them only about 5% of the population. It is understandable, in such a climate. Something even export - fleece products made of it, and even something for the little things.
Interestingly another. The state, in fact, subsidizes this industry, highlighting for each farm from 12 to 16 thousand euros per year, depending on the size and composition of the family wore. And this, for a moment, half of the income of such farms. In addition, encourages the purchase of abandoned farms (and there are a fair amount of the total area), paying 30% of the cost of such an object with the purchase. Not that Iceland particularly relied on financial dividends in the future of this policy. Just so that people can deal with the case, which they like.
Here's a bit of socialism in the north of Europe. I just do not have enough imagination to imagine what could transform agriculture in Ukraine with such an approach. At least for five years.
A farm in Iceland - here they are. Abandoned and acting.


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