In Australia agricultural robots replace farm workers-people

Robotics into every aspect of our lives. First of all it concerns industry, agriculture and aerospace. With regard to agriculture, robots are now able to check the condition of the gardens and even to harvest. Now the robots have learned to herd cattle and to inform the farmer about the problems with the individual animals.


Such systems are very popular in Australia, where many farms are removed from any civilized centre, to many hundreds of kilometers. As a result of workers there not enough, because in order to get to the farm, you have 13 hours or more. Not every employee will agree to get into such a wilderness. Of course, if this employee is not made of metal and plastic.

The cattle on these farms with no one to watch — and the animals often die for unknown reasons. Sometimes the cause of the disease, and sometimes of injury. But to do all of this simply no. And then come to the aid of robots.

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Scientists and engineers Australia have set about creating systems that are able to herd cattle, to monitor the state of pastures (to verify that you have enough grass, and how high-quality, green and delicious), to perform other work. If the animal is injured and can't go, the robot records the incident with the help of sensors and transmits the data to the farmer.

As for the grass, to monitor its quality the robots are equipped with sensors that determine the color of plants, size of leaves and General condition of the pastures. Interestingly, robot cowboy the name is not yet invented. But this is the second version of the system. The first, which was called Shrimp, was designed to care for herds with a size of 20-150 heads.

Now the robots are on probation at your new job. As their creators in the field "brought" hardware and software. The robots have to observe the cattle at any time and in any place, be it wetlands, plains or hills. Tests are now carried out in the state of New South Wales.

Scientists say began the development of robotic cowboys because employees simply don't have, as mentioned above. "Farmers who agreed to test our systems, are experiencing a constant shortage of manpower, and so they began to seek support in technology," says the author of the project Sukkarieh Salah (Salah Sukkarieh), a representative of the University of Sydney.

Scientists have already created several models of agricultural robots. One of such models, Ladybird, used to destroy weeds in the beds. As soon as the robot detects a weed, a plant local anesthesia is sprayed on herbicide, the lowest possible number, that allows you to more efficiently destroy weeds with less consumption of toxic chemicals. Point fighting is much more effective than General spraying fields with herbicides.


The weeds can't hide from the watchful sensors Ladybird

Another development altogether unique — a specialized robot rides at the Apple orchard and counts all the apples to a single, giving the farmer an idea of the size of future crops. In addition, the farmer, knowing where apples least, understands that this part of the garden requires the most maintenance (watering, spraying trees with insecticide, etc.).

If the test robots will be successful, and the price will be reasonable, the farms of Australia may be the most technologically advanced farms in the world in the near future. published


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