How to recognize that a person is lying? Tips from Paul Ekman, author of the book "Psychology of lies."

1. Truthful people are more likely will answer questions, keeping straight, with your head held. Liars also often bend, crossed his legs and hands.

2. Speaking the truth, we accompany their speech gestures, which falls rhythmically on our words and reinforces the sense - unless, of course, we believe in him. Otherwise, we keep gesticulations under control.

3. Liars often ask again interlocutor and precede their answers introductory words "to tell the truth," "honest," warns Ekman. Wary if a direct question you get an evasive answer.

4. According to a study conducted by American psychologists, pauses between words in a false story more than truthful.

5. Speaking the truth is using a lot of facial muscles, smiles and a liar among lips - her eyes do not reflect his emotions.

6. Before you answer the question liars often ask again interlocutor, pretending to not understand the question or did not hear it at all. This is done in order to gain time and give yourself the opportunity to come up with an answer. So if your partner asks you suspiciously often, think, and whether he is honest with you.


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