How to increase your productivity? It is useful to read at the beginning of the working day!

1. Keep a record of all cases. Do not try to keep everything in your head. Pours them out on paper or in scheduler. Less than in our mind thoughts of outstanding matters, the more we are able to focus on the task at hand, and the better we can execute it.

2. Do the most important first. It seems to be easy. But in practice it turns out that we do not often occupied the most important things, putting things to do "for later". Make it a rule: first, what advances you to the goals, and then everything else.

3. Plans for the day in the evening. Do not delay planning for the morning or in the "self"! Very simple advice, but really helps not get bogged down in unimportant matters, and the main focus on the right priorities.

4. Aim for a single task. Do not try to do everything at once. Select the task, remove distractions (TV, phone, internet, tea, coffee, smoke break every 5 minutes) and just do.

5. Get up early. Ancient as the hills, advice that allows millions of people around the world to keep up a lot every day. Accordingly, when a large amount of work does not go to sleep in the day, when you need to wake up.

6. Exercise or even charging. This will help keep the body in the right form, and therefore mind and spirit will also work more efficiently. And you feel yourself to be much better. Charging does not require any special. simulators, but one of the most important - willpower.

7. Eliminate the "no case" out of the list. Let your plan is just what you can take and do without having to seize the heart, nervous count drops of valerian and indulge in thinking about the meaning of the universe. For example, "to launch a new project" - it does not matter. The case - this action.

8. Be proactive. Do not react, and determine for themselves what to do, and that - no. Ignore unimportant. You have no idea how much extra time you free yourself by simply ignoring everything that can and should be ignored.

9. Save files directly to where they belong. To do this you need to certainly think about file storage system for each type. But it is much easier to find and process information in the future.

10. Change activities. The longer you do the same thing, the lower your productivity. If you do not get through the work, then at least think over different versions of free time activities. This will help to maintain the freshness of vision and high creativity.


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