How to wash stuffed animals?

1. Wash soft toys can be both manually and using the washing machine. Hand wash recommended toys with glued parts such as eyes, nose, mouth, toys, consisting of heterogeneous materials, filled with sawdust, etc.

2. To require hand washing sponge (also suitable brush or cloth of good quality), means for washing delicate things or ordinary shampoo. Shampoo or detergent should be added to a basin of warm water, then soak the sponge with soapy water and clean the toy very carefully so that it is not too wet. Then you should dry the toy on the battery.

3. If the laundry in the washing machine may not necessarily choose the mode of delicate. Wash soft toys best children's special powder. The temperature is desirable to choose no more than 30 degrees, but keep in mind that dust mites completely disappear only at a temperature of 60 degrees. When rinsing, you can add a little fabric softener.

4. Choosing the spin mode, enable additional rinses, so all traces of detergent completely rinsed from the toy. Be prepared for the fact that, after machine washing original shape and color of individual parts or toys in general may be subject to change.

5. Please note that if the wash toy shed, it means that the dye is of poor quality and may contain harmful substances. Better than this "discoloring" not to give the baby animal and remove far away.


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