Straight Talk: How Often Should I Wash, wash and wash your hair?

That is a reason there is a saying: "personal hygiene". Each sure knows best their "norm of purity." But let's, just in case, checking with the opinion of scientists: the world's leading universities have spent a lot of research on this subject and shared their findings with the different media. Revision Anews gathered for you the main facts.

How often should I wash?

Clothes man - a real waste factory. Each one of us every day "resets" 500 million skin flakes and emits about 1 liter of sweat. As a result of vital activity of skin bacteria all bad smells. Some types of bacteria, for example, produce the same substances that are contained in the "stinky" cheeses or fermented beer. But the most unpleasant smell exude apocrine glands, most of which are concentrated in the armpits and genitals. Add to this the action of bacteria and see why underwear, shirts and t-shirt , and all that is in direct contact with apocrine glands, should be washed daily. < bra -. After two, maximum three relations

Socks also require daily washing, because the darkness and moisture inside the shoe are ideal for bacteria
Pyjamas and other clothing for sleeping should be changed after every second socks or, in extreme cases (for example, if you sleep on a spartan bed in a cool and a little sweat), - once a week <. br>
Jeans should be washed after every fifth toes. Do not trust the producers, who are advised to do so as little as possible - once every six months or once a year: they just important that jeans last longer retained their original packaging. However honest manufacturers claim that washing after five toe does not hurt either color or fabric fibers.

Important it turns out, it is best to wash jeans in very cold water, but not at 30 degrees, as most

! Other things that are not in contact with the sweat glands directly, of course, erased less often, but not enough to wear them for months. However, if it is about fitting clothes, including jeans, then it needs to be washed more often, as well as all that tight to the body.

< Bed

Bedding (sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers) the right thing to change every week. To kill bacteria, wash it at 60 degrees and a minimum possible dry in the sun, because ultraviolet light is also effectively eliminates microorganisms. And then further pillowcases need to iron in the "Cotton" mode (200 degrees).

< Pillows , which can be washed in the machine to submit every three months by setting the temperature at 60 degrees. These medical information will convince any lazy: weight dirty pillows may as much as one-third consist of microbes, mites and their waste! And yet, on average, unwashed pillow can find 16 species of fungi. Brrr!

Do not forget the mattresses: once every six months they should be vacuumed or to steam, to get rid of any allergens. But every 8 years to change the new.

Air Conditioning

Bath , even after just one wipe, covers a multitude of skin flakes, which nest the same bacteria, plus a favorable moist environment for them - guess how often they need to be sent to the laundry? In fact, once a week, provided that you thoroughly dried them after each use. If it is a problem for you, and they have long remained crumpled and wet, it is best to wash them every day.

Important: can not permanently leave the towels in the basket for dirty laundry, especially wet and crumpled - where they will actively breed bacteria, which will destroy not so simple. Wiping towels, use only half the amount of detergent, otherwise they will become less fluffy. And yet, as studies have shown, it is better to wash them in warm water and, oddly enough, do not use air conditioning.

But how often do you need to erase bathrobe ? Many people think that once they put on right after washing, that is, to a clean body, then you need to wash less frequently, but it is not. Firstly, even just peeled the skin loses its dead skin flakes. Second, often wearing a bathrobe on a slightly wet body. And, thirdly, it hangs in the bathroom, where there is always moist environment. Conclusion: Wash dryer once a week, and towels

. After all this, there is a logical question ...

How often should I wash?

Too frequent washing, especially hot water, rather harmful than useful: so you get too dry and irritate the skin, wash off the good bacteria and increases the risk of infections. Therefore, not necessarily to take a shower every day - on average, enough time in 2-3 days (more often - if you are very physically active or live in hot climates). In the end, the most "dirty" areas of the body can be refreshed separately

Important Infants and toddlers do not need to be washed every day. The skin should be early contact with dirt and bacteria, so that later, as an adult, there was an allergy and inflammation such as eczema.

< What about washing the hair?

It depends on individual parameters such as the thickness of hair, their fat content, condition of the scalp, but one fact applies to all too frequent washing, too, does more harm than good

. Paradoxically, the more often you wash your head, trying to get rid of the greasiness, the more dry the skin and make the hair more greasy, say trichologists. But on the issue of frequency differ. Some advised to avoid daily washing and recommend to do so from 1 to 3 times a week. Others do not see anything wrong with that, to wash my hair every day

Important Air conditioner - it is not an addition to shampoo, and it is a standalone product that can be used separately, for example, in between washing the head in the week. But remember that it weigh down your hair. In general, you can follow these rules

Straight hair:. if you want to make them look less dry and shiny, you can wash with shampoo every day. And with air conditioning so if you want to "difficult" hair falling down, as it were, under its own weight, - use it 4-5 times a week; and if you need more light, airy hairstyle -. 1-2 times

Wavy hair Wash 3 times a week, air conditioning and use 1-2 times - when they begin to seem too dry .

curly hair (the large and small curls) can not be washed with shampoo too often: just 2 times a week. Only use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner - 1-2 times a week, but not on the same days as the shampoo, or reboot the hair and spoil their texture

. Evin Dugas, owner of the most gigantic in the world afropricheski spends on his head of hair wash for two days! This is a photo of her Instagram.

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