Sour cream, sharing experience and something else

I love our powers. Honestly. They are so sweet and straightforward. These portions of positive splash on their subjects. What are some fist (almost wrote cock) fights servants of the people in the Verkhovna Rada! It is what the energy rushing! How uncomplicated joy and sincere joy they bring to ordinary citizens. While it may be, so they are trying to support the poor. Remember from smehoterapii: "Five minutes of healthy laughter replace cup sour cream»?
Today again just pleased to tears. You've probably heard: 1418 has already been purchased voice translators for the valiant police. It is in the light of the looming inexorably football festival. Yeah. Consequently, the program of training of law enforcement officers in some place non-union occurred. It is, of course, a bit more voltage required convolutions than patrols and other interesting everyday life. But how pathetic was presented training program! Now it is important not to get in the joke about the "one crashed, the other lost." And konfuzets may occur. Vrochem they are not used to.
Or here in yesterday's news is even smiled that Ukraine is ready to share experiences with those wishing to prepare for a tournament of this magnitude.
God forbid. This is how the experience they're going to share, and with whom? With the Russians, as a budget cut? So they themselves share such experiences can. And the rest - complete bewilderment. Stadiums built - so it's kind of sacred. Not an elephant polo playing tea going. The roads here and there to improve? So that's what it is, that in some places, and only improved, but not brought to the received level in the normal world. And show off such lines of communication rather dubious occupation. Does that scare anyone. Infrastructure fantastically transformed? Then I want to know where this place is. Because what I see, under those characteristics not covered. Well, purely neighing, as one character.
In general, the cream can not fly in principle.


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