Which end of the world? The same for all paid

Do you still doubt about the occurrence of the Apocalypse 21.12.2012 or lack thereof? Then it is the official information on the eve of the alleged events.
So: in the wall crying, she's in Hebrew: הכותל המערבי, ha-Kotel ha-Ma \ 'aravi - The Western Wall, found five hundred and seven checks in the amount of five hundred million dollars.
Of course, the rabbi explained the discovery that someone is "the Creator wanted to give everything he had." What else could he say?
But there is such faktets - checks were not addressed to anyone, and it is unlikely they can be cashed.
What we have: on the eve of December 21 someone invests not elsewhere, namely in the Western Wall checks for half green. Do you think so, sovpadenitse? Unlikely - it seems to me. I do not believe in such a coincidence.
To some it may seem ridiculously small amount for which turned out to pay off the catastrophe. But where, if not in the Promised Land, it is best to know the price of every product and service. It is unlikely that we will be able to learn everything about the transaction. Maybe it's only the first tranche. Fully admit that there are plenty of unaccounted for circumstances that are unlikely to be available to the public.
But whatever these unaccounted one can say with absolute certainty - at least the next New Year meet humanity in its current home. And we'll see. What to think. You never know in space restless comets and asteroids alone who dream to meet their planet?


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