1 + 1 = 2?

1 + 1 = 2. You uvenery? And I do not. It all depends on the number of measurements that you use. For example: If 1 + 1 - two football clubs then it is obvious that the answer is likely as 22. If 1 + 1 - a merger of corporations the answer will be numbered of thousands of people working in these corporations. If you go even dalsche various variants of mathematical operations.

If branching measure used in podschete 1 + 1 then suddenly it turns out that we are not able to cover the entire spectrum in your mind and the depth of the unfolding picture of the world that is presented to us in the calculation of these most 1 + 1. And there comes a time when it comes to understanding what objects and phenomena, their relationships dissolve and go out of control of our consciousness.

And here comes to the aid of mathematical creativity equations and functions which give the cut and shape of flood logical connection between consciousness and causes piling bezformenoe factor function according to the laws and regulations pridavayagranitsy States and outlines mechanisms.

Flat patterns of thinking that we were taught in school looks helplessly to the realities of the outside world. This is one of the first steps towards changing their thinking and understanding of the universe. Think of volume?


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