Magic Quadrant

In the VII century under Emperor Justinian for plotting graphs on sacred geometry name of Christ (Magic Quadrant) guilty tied to stakes and burned at the stake. So here's the magic square of the sun.
Square sum of the numbers on any vertical or diagonal = 111. If the sum of the two diagonals (cross) to withdraw from the sum of all the numbers of the square (666) we obtain the sacred geometric meaning of the name of Jesus Christ: 111 + 111 + 666 = 888

Inscribe a sunny magic square the circle with a circumference of 8880 units in representing the risen Jesus. Then, in each cell also depict square the circle. Two dagonali form a cross, and at the same time the first letter of the name of Christ X hee. The circumference of each small circle is equal to 1,480 units and this is the geometric meaning of the name Jesus.

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