8 games for a company that has decided to take a break from the Internet and gadgets

The Internet industry is doing everything possible to get people to part with their smartphones creates spectacular games, messengers comfortable and cheerful gigabytes of pictures in the news of social networks. Despite this, there are still those who have the old-fashioned paper book reading and playing board games with friends.

We are in the Website remember your favorite games that were played themselves a million times, and decided to share them with you.

Games for two h3>

«< Balda »

How to play need a pen and a piece of the cell. Guessing any noun in the singular (proper names is impossible). Depending on the number of letters we draw a square, it is entered in the middle of the word. Next, the players take turns credited with one letter, to form new words. Points are considered in the number of letters, wins the one who came up with a big long words The goal Come up with a great word and carefully attribute the letters move by move, so that the enemy did not think about conceived and I did not write it first.

«< Rhombus »

How to play former Props: paper and pen. Features of a diamond, and the players alternately draw rod the size of a cell 1. When the cell is outlined on all sides, the one who drew the last wand, inscribes in the resulting square cross or toe The goal Make as many "houses" for themselves and not to help enemy build your what is the interest The excitement of the game increases, when there is free space and the real fight begins for cell

Games for large companies h3>

< «Association»

How to play One person thinks of a word and says the first letter. Other participants take turns asking a question, the answer to that is a word with the same letter. Example questions for words starting with To em>: «This is an animal that has whiskers, paws, tail?" Example answer: "No, this is not a wild boar." In boars, you know, also has a mustache and legs, and tail. If the leader can not answer a question, he said the second letter. And in this case, the other has to guess the word in which the first two letters correspond to put forth and so on, until someone guesses the whole word The goal Making matters tricky, to lead is not immediately guessed what it was about. Here the main thing - do not be too clever by half, it is important that the answer to this question was unequivocal

< «Music lights»

How to play One participant speaks loudly letter A em>, and begins in the mind to transfer letters of the alphabet in order. At the command "stop" any of the first announce the participants, he stopped for a letter. In this letter, all participants have to remember an excerpt from a song and sing it Another version of the game Participants are divided into two teams, and each receives the topic "plants", "animals" , "seasons", "love", etc. task teams -.. take turns singing songs on your topic. The winners are those who know more songs The goal To relax properly and pogorlanit heart. In this game, the presence and hearing of other musical talent is not essential.

«< Crocodile », or « Cow » (advanced)

How to play Looking for a stopwatch, a pen and a piece of paper on which is written points. Participants are divided into two teams, then take turns guessing each other the word and select a member from the team, who will show his "own". If a 1-minute word is not guessed, it means that the team does not get a point The goal: The main thing - to come up with interesting words to their show was funny and not very difficult to guess.. For those who love the game and always playing it with my friends, we offer these phrases to win, "sun", "instinct", "Marauder»


< «I»

How to play This game is better to play at the end of the party, when the mood has risen. All sit in a circle so that was clearly visible to each other, then the participants recite in turn: "I am." Who was the first laugh, to come up with a word that it adds to the "I" in the next round What is the interest At first glance, the game may seem strange, but in fact it is very, very funny. Even if all are serious and a few laps nobody laughs, sooner or later there comes a time when one begins to understand what all this nonsense doing and how stupid it looks from the outside. And - voila - the first ready, and after that no one stop: laughter and tears will pour a sore stomach
< «Monobrov»

How to Play: Nuzhenkarandash of women's cosmetics, and will come down, and the marker for the brave men of courage. Leading thinks of the category, and all participants quickly in turn called the word on this subject. Round and round, until someone will not get off or not hesitate more than 3 seconds. The loser dorisovyvat monobrov, then a mustache, glasses, etc. And so, until you run out of topics and place on the face of members What is the interest:... Themes you can choose what you want . Believe me, no one will be able to avoid failure, which means that the good mood will be provided to all.

But if the company does not, then fine, you can spend the evening alone and if you know of an interesting "time killer».

Game for one h3> «The Knight», or «Fill up to 100 square»

How to play Here, too, without a handle and a leaf can not do. Draw a square of 10 × 10 cells, write the number 1 anywhere, then 2, 3, and so on. D. Move only the letter D em>, as the horse walks in chess. < . The goal Write all the numbers up to 100 what is the interest The excitement lies in the fact that the versions of the game - the tens of thousands, and each time the result will be different. Reaching 100 is theoretically possible, but practically very difficult. They say it's only by a genius!

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