50 light films, which will decorate your holiday

We often do not know what to do with himself over the weekend. Do not worry - prepare snacks, brew tea, coffee and seats more comfortable.

< Website has decided to help you answer this question, gathering an impressive collection of 50 films:

Comedy h3> Meet the Parents, 2000 - Male nurse Greg Traher sent out of town to meet with the parents of his girlfriend Pam. Here Greg is going to officially ask the hand of his beloved. However, the man in the nightmare did not imagine what he was waiting for the test. Amelie, 2001 - Strange and seemingly incomprehensible actions quiet and lonely girl Amelie, who lives in the world of fantasy, can forever change the lives of different people, giving them the happiness of the world and paint in bright colors. Heartbreakers, 2001 - Charming schemer Max Conners and her diligent student, Paige's daughter - a great team. Some mothers teach their daughters to music, dancing and etiquette, and Max gave Paige all that she has learned over many years of adventures, fraud and seduction. Bruce Almighty, 2003 - Bruce Nolan - a popular host of TV news in Buffalo. He is a pessimist, and not interested in anything in life, even the girl Grace, who loves him, despite its harmfulness. Bruce's dream - to be leading, but once Bruce fired from their jobs. Hitch Method, 2005 - Alex "Hitch" Hitchens - the legendary New York "doctor-in-law." Many men he helped to achieve reciprocity from the women of their dreams. New client Hitch - Albert, a timid accountant, madly in love with the glamorous star Allegra Cole. Hitch for this case should be the pinnacle of his career. A Lot Like Love, 2005 - A young man and woman are introduced in the plane, but soon leave. In fact, they occur within the next seven years, then parted again. It was only later they realize that all this time looking for each other, and what seemed like mere coincidence, in fact - love. Elizabethtown, 2005 - Overnight, losing a job and a girl, a young designer Drew Baylor is going to commit suicide. Another misfortune makes him return to his native country town. During the flight, he met with a flight attendant Claire. Burn After Reading, 2008 - Ozzy, a CIA agent, is fired from his post as chief of the Balkan direction. Trying to overcome the crisis, it is taken for a memoir containing including classified information. Always say "Yes", 2008 - depressive protagonist always and all said "no" - such as a friend, if they call somewhere. But one day he enters into an agreement under which must always answer "Yes" to any proposal. The Hangover, 2009 - They wanted to arrange an unforgettable bachelor party in Vegas. But now, they really need to remember exactly what happened! Good morning, 2010 - When the indefatigable TV producer Becky Fuller is fired from the local news program, her career has become just as bad as her personal life. Mr. Popper's Penguins, 2011 - What a pig sometimes not only planted the fate! However, this time she decided to do more exotic animals. Successful businessman inherits six penguins, and literally fell in love with them. Friends with Benefits, 2011 - The main character - employee staffing agency pursued phobia in relation to commitments. However, these problems are far-fetched, after she meets a glossy magazine editor. My guy - crazy, 2012 - A former school teacher, Pat, spent in a psychiatric hospital for eight months, returned to the family home. He is obsessed with the idea to reconcile with his ex-wife, for which there is no right to approach a court decision. The Family, 2012 - One day, on a quiet street in a provincial French town settled by writer Blake family, with his family and The Family Dog. This centuries-old tranquility of the city ends. Thirst Wanderings, 2012 - Heroes of the film Linda and George - the most ordinary urban residents. And they live in the most ordinary of New York. But what to do when life and the people around you, what you do, and indeed all around, starting to annoy you terribly?

Romance h3> Life is Beautiful, 1997 - During the Second World War in Italy in the concentration camp were sent to the Jews, a father and his young son. Wife, Italian, volunteered to be behind them. In the camp, the father does everything to the son was still alive, hiding in the barracks. The Notebook, 2004 - This is the story of relations boys and girls from different social strata, who lived in South Carolina. Noah and Allie spend an unforgettable summer together, until they do not share the parents first, and then the Second World War. Laws of Attraction, 2004 - Two successful lawyer divorce cases, presenting their clients often find themselves on opposite sides. But the meeting in the courtroom and beyond lead to a natural result - they are waiting for a new date in court, but this time they will have to take the place of their customers
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 2004 - Finally, invented a machine that allows you to get rid of any memories. Joel and Clementine decide to throw each other out of my head. But in the memory of Joel is still alive the most delicate moments of their feelings. The less he remembers, the more love.

Shall We Dance, 2004 - Well-life, a devoted wife and adorable daughter. Everything in life is good, but something was still missing. Every evening, returning from work on the train, he sees a beautiful woman in the window of a building.

The Accidental Husband, 2008 - Emma - a successful "New York psychologist" in love matters. It has its popular radio show and preparing for the release of a new best-selling books. Acquainted with Richard, intelligent and successful editor in chief of the publishing house, she is confident that she met the man of her dreams. Offer, 2009 - The main character of the film - the responsible boss, which faces deportation to Canada. For the sake of avoiding references Lakes Region, the heroine is ready for everything. Even fictitiously to marry his young assistant. It's Complicated, 2009 - Owning a thriving bakery, having a new romance and divorce behind her, Jane said their lives predictable ... as long as her ex-husband Jake decides, despite everything, to get her back. Three meters above the sky, 2010 - The story of two young people who belong to different worlds. Babi - rich girl, in which only the kindness and innocence. Aceh - restless soul, impulsive and prone to risk and danger. Dear John, 2010 - Young Savannah and soldier John tenderly love each other, expressing their feelings in letters. For John there is the concept of "debt", which forces him to stay in the army after the September 11 events, making it difficult to fulfill his promise to return and marry Savannah. Quiet Harbor, 2013 - Cathy many years suffering from the cruelty of man. Having lost hope of salvation, she makes a desperate escape and finds a "safe haven" in a small quiet southern town.

Drama h3> Chocolate, 2000 - As a winter day in a quiet French town there is a young woman named Vianne. A little later, she opens an unusual chocolate shop, offering visitors to experience a new pleasure. Something's Gotta Give, 2003 - Elderly functionary music industry Harry Langer nourishes tender feelings for a young Marine. A sudden heart attack, happened to Harry in the house of his mother's lover, Erika, provokes the creation of an unusual love triangle. Barfuss, 2005 - Nick Keller is not held in any workplace, and his family - especially his stepfather and brother Victor Heinrich - considers it a complete failure. Only his mother still believes in him. The Bucket List, 2007 - It was so decided two neighbor cancer patients on a hospital ward, when they heard his sentence. One irascible billionaire and the second erudite mechanic. They make a list of things you need to do before they kick the bucket and go round the world trip. The journey of his life. All by 2010 - Widowed pensioner is aware that for many years it was his wife tied together their large family. In order to get to know how to live his children, he went to visit them and discovering many unexpected. 1 + 1, 2011 - the victims of the accident, a wealthy aristocrat, Philip hires human assistants, which is less suited for the job - a young resident of the suburbs Driss, who had just been released from prison. Actor, 2011 - silent film star George Valentine does not want to hear about the microphones on the set. A hopelessly in love with Valentine showgirl Peppy Miller is rapidly gaining popularity in the new sound cinema. Only love can help the heroes to find happiness. Moonrise Kingdom, 2012 - 60-ies of XX century. A pair of lovers adolescents living on an island in New England, escapes from under adult supervision. After finding missing local sheriff begins an investigation, and the Boy Scouts camp leader will organize a search party. The Great Gatsby, 2013 - In the spring of 1922, in the era of decaying morals, a brilliant jazz and "kings of contraband alcohol", Nick Carraway comes from the Midwest to New York. He settles in the neighborhood with a mysterious, well-known for its partying, millionaire Jay Gatsby, and on the opposite shore of the bay live his cousin Daisy and her husband, a rake and an aristocrat, Tom Buchanan. Vanished 2014 - Everything was ready for the celebration of the fifth anniversary of married life, when suddenly inexplicably disappears one of the heroes of the occasion. There were signs of a struggle in the house, the blood that is clearly trying to erase - and a chain of "keys" in the game of "treasure hunt." Survivor 2015 - Hunter Hugh Glass seriously injured in the uncharted expanses of the American Wild West. Comrade Hugh squad for explorers of new lands, John Fitzgerald treacherously leaves him to die alone. Glass Now there is only one weapon - his willpower.

Fantasy h3> Back to the Future, 1985 - The teenager Marty with the help of a time machine, which was built by his friend Professor dock Brown falls from the 80s in the distant 50th. There he meets his future parents-teenagers and very young friend, the professor. Kate and Leo, 2001 - Through a tear in the time of Leo, the Duke of Albany, gets to the future, to be exact - in modern-day New York. The charming gentleman of the XIX century is suddenly in a fast paced world where successful business woman is gaining height - Kate McKay. Stardust, 2007 - A small English village is separated by a wall from an ancient supernatural parallel universe, where there is magic and magic. Young Tristan Thorn rashly promises the most beautiful girl of the village, which will bring her to the flying star from the sky which had fallen on the other side of the wall. Interstellar 2014 - When drought leads humanity to the food crisis, the team of researchers and scientists went to a fabulous way to surpass previous limits for manned space travel and resettle humanity to another planet
Martian 2015 - Mars mission "Ares-3" in the process to leave the planet urgently due to the impending sandstorm. Engineer and biologist Mark Watney takes damage spacesuit during a sandstorm. The mission, believing him dead, evacuated from the planet, leaving one brand.

cartoon h3> Toy Story, 1995 - Every child believes that when he leaves his toys alone, they start to do their own thing. This animated film allows you to make them right. How to Train Your Dragon, 2010 - You know the story of the teenager Icking, which is not too close to the heroic traditions of his tribe for many years at war with the dragons.

The Little Prince, 2015 - The world is impossible without imagination and adventure. At least, he believes this good-natured old man aviator, next to which recently settled a very pedantic mother with her daughter diligent.

Puzzle 2015 - Riley - the usual 11-year-old schoolgirl, and how each of us, its behavior is determined by five basic emotions: joy, sadness, fear, anger and disgust. Emotions live in the minds of the girls and every day to help her cope with the problems, guiding all its actions.

Adventures h3> Rat Race, 2001 - The owner of the largest casinos in Las Vegas decides that his richest customers need something special. It prepares them for illegal betting "Rat Race." Participants of the race - who wish to get rich people randomly chosen from the crowd. Escape from Vegas, 2010 - Aaron Greenberg gets the job, which was the dream life. But he never expected that his first task will be to bring from London to Los Angeles rebellious rock star, whose character is marred by alcohol and corrupted by money. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, 2013 - Who says that at the heart of the little man can not live the great dream? Even a modest and inconspicuous employee sometimes want to take a wild and heroic deeds, to believe in their strength and courage. According to the materials: Kinopoisk

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