If you think it's just a picture of the White Bear, Take a closer look better ...

Perhaps among us it is unlikely there will be those who have never in my life heard of origami art. Surely the labor lessons you tried to make a swan out of colored paper or one of the thousands (according to Japanese legend) cranes. But those boats, which we were allowed on the streams on spring break, and planes, successfully reaches the teacher in the classroom, too, not that other, as the art of origami.

"What kind of boring" - you think. We will try to surprise you a little bit, to get acquainted with the creative man who brought the art of creating paintings from the paper at exorbitant levels! My name is Master Calvin Nicholls. He is engaged in this painstaking business for over 25 years.

His work is thoroughly thought through and look so believable, that you begin to doubt their authenticity. Honestly, at first I thought it was another creation The popular

All the works of Calvin made entirely of paper! B>

Each item in a "paper sculpture" - its weight in gold. Look how skillfully executed each strand of wool, each feather! B>

Recently, the artist finished the series, entitled "Paper Zoo┬╗. B>

Before the next operation, Calvin watching animals in their natural habitat. B>

He carefully sketched every crease, wrinkle or dimple animal. B>

It then proceeds to a painstaking process - cutting of slips of paper of different thicknesses

The volume of paper sculpture achieved overlaying paper slips on each other, layer by layer. B>

What is remarkable master uses exclusively white paper. According to him, it gives a realistic picture. B>

Calvin recognized that each of the works he takes a month or even more. B>

Special perseverance and patience required feathers and fur of animals is the most difficult part of the job

By the way, this is not a hobby, as it might seem at first glance. Works Calvin buy big advertising agencies and celebrities. B>

I have no words to describe my admiration for this author! Frankly, I would like to see one of his works hanging on my living room wall.


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