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LJ user writes Ralph Mirebs:

This story happened to me many years ago. In those years I, Eric Tromh, studied in St. Petersburg for a student exchange program between the two countries. Nine months of the year, I worked hard sciences, and in the summer, after the exams went with my Russian friends, to travel.
In that year, they invited me to a deep-sea fishing and I, no hesitation, agreed. In Norway, the father often took me with him to catch trout, so I was very ably treated with spinning. My classmate's parents owned a small longboat, which we loaded our gear, alcohol and foods. I did not have my fishing gear, only warm clothes and a camera. Three days we caught fish and crabs, until I was tired of fishing and I left my friends on the beach, went for a walk deep into the coast. First of all, I went to a small hill, from the top of which offers a great view of the coast. After a few photos and a snack seized from the camp of smoked fish, I moved away to vidnevshimsya concrete structure, which took over the village.

78 photos and letters.

The closer I came to the village, the more came the realization that people were not here for a long time. Brick houses stood with broken windows, no openings in many not only windows, but also the frame. Passing through the village, I came across many small hills, from which protruded cutting pipes. Here was a flat concrete pad with a large square in the middle iron is very similar to the cover. On one side of him, concrete curled up like a springboard into the skate park. Suddenly I heard behind me a rustle and a dull roar. Turning around, I saw healthy brown bear coming out of the shadows of a dilapidated hut. He was standing on four paws and looked straight at me, and then lifted his head up, noisily sucking air nose. The fear pierced my whole palms instantly soaked with sweat, his legs suddenly comprehended frequent tremors.

I knew that in Russia is full of bears, but it was not prepared for the fact that they are free to go near human habitation. My friends told stories of rummaging through garbage cans or peering into the windows bears, but these stories I have relates to the field of folklore, it is reasonable considering their usual fables. But here, the bear was real, he was much more real than the trolls from the Norwegian fairy tales.

I tried to scream, but my cry was drowned in muscle spasms, leaving the throat a little moan. Hearing this, the bear, still sniffing, took a step toward me. I tried to move back, but his legs would not obey cotton. Meanwhile, the animal is gradually approaching. When to bear was about twenty meters, he gave a loud hissing sound. An unexpected gust of wind donёs to me a distinct smell of a beast. I do not know - it gave me the strength, or even more frightened, but I suddenly felt that the newly gained control over his own feet. Without hesitation, I ran away and, horror of horrors, a bear chased me!

Of course, I did stupid. Most likely, the bear showed simple curiosity, my escape and I provoked him, awakened instinct. However, I am no one ever prepared for a meeting with a predator, and while I could not to think soberly and sensibly. As the bear surrendered to their instincts, so I yielded to her.

The distance between us is rapidly shrinking, suddenly appeared under my feet grille covering either hole, or run down. Only at the last moment I was able to jump, so as not to sink your feet between the bars. I landed badly - stumbled on something and rolled down the slope. Without noticing, scratched and bleeding hand and shoulder, I quickly jumped to his feet, at any time, waiting for the blow bear paw, but there was no one. I quickly looked around, and after a few heartbeats he saw the bear's face, shown in the top of the hill, from which I recently rolled. Thinking only of salvation, I rushed to run further, but then slipped the strap of a backpack with the shoulder that slowed my pace. Instinctively, throwing off the second, thus getting rid of the unwanted cargo, I quickened the pace. The bear, meanwhile, ran down the slope, but then I turned sharply to the right and he was out of sight behind the rocks.

After the turning my eyes opened on the side of the hill, which was not the slope, and the entrance. Two huge, three times higher than my height, the gate led somewhere deep under the ground. Realizing that this is my last hope to save my life, I plunged into the darkness of the saving.

To my surprise, darkness reigned only at the entrance and at the back there is enough light. Light came from the barred window in the ceiling. The walls, floor and ceiling form a square tunnel in some places could see the open door with strange handles in the form of wheels on the sides were the iron ladder. Headlong, running up to the first of the stairs, I'm like a cat climbed up and stood, staring into the spot light, indicating the entrance.


5. Do not know how long I sat on the stairs, I think about an hour until the fear of not subsided in the chest and head back to the ability to think reasonably. The wound on his arm had already dry out and do not bleed. I have nothing left except the camera - all the food and water I have lost with a backpack. I fumbled for a jacket pocket, but found there only half the chocolate. The cell phone, which I was endowed, fell during my escape. Knowing that I can not sit in this dungeon forever, I went downstairs and peeked around the corner to the side entrance.

Fortunately, the tunnel was no one and I cautiously walked to the gate. When the exit was a few meters, my eyes have seen the picture of that heart sank. Not far from the gate on the grass lay the bear chase me, and beside him tattered remnants of my backpack. Apparently, the animal got to my food supplies, and now enjoy dryh substituting shaggy pelt sunlight. His face was turned away from me, so I did not know it was actually asleep, resting or watches escaped bipedal dinner. Check for yourself did not want to and I had no choice but to go back into the tunnel, where the attempt to find a way out. One of my half was allocated, is concerned that his friends answered the phone, and will look for me. The other half said they did not suspect the bear themselves may be victims of a wild predator.

Near the entrance, and a ceiling grid of light was enough to see that the high semicircular doors separating the tunnel on different parts. The door was open and I'm touching her, surprised that she was completely the iron. I could not imagine what the door is installed such that there is no time for a man-made monster lived in the underground garage. Friends told me that once stood on the shores of the military, but the tunnel is significantly exceed the size required for a vehicle or tank. Behind the first door to discover the exact same second, followed by complete darkness reigned.



8. I'm sorry, that was not found in the pockets of even lighter or matches, but then remembered the camera dangles around her neck. He almost did not suffer from the fall, I removed the lens cap, picked up the flash and shoot. Bright white lightning for a moment dispersed the darkness. The human brain would not have had such a short time to remember something, but electronic memory retained the image, and seconds later I looked at with interest on a screen surroundings.

Leaving behind the door, the tunnel went deep into the hill. Its semi-circular arch leaned on the wall painted green peeling paint. On the concrete floor walked grooves, inside which were stretched chain. Photographing and referring to the image, I cautiously moved forward in the darkness, feeling the cold metal hands. On both sides of the tunnel from time to time there were side passages, leaving the top stairs, dead-end cubbyhole, but I did not stop, and stubbornly went ahead. I felt that this tunnel was for me not just a refuge from the bear, I felt the breath of history and mystery. I did not know what it was built underground, but was eager to find out.

9. Finally, I reached the end of the tunnel. There stood two more huge green door. In contrast to the first, they had not been opened wide open, and pulled out of the wall. The first was completely drowned in the doorway, peering in the second quarter of its width. And behind the door I stared at me with two huge round eyes. The eyes belonged to an enormous steel structure consisting of connected pipes, similar glasses without lenses. Installing rested on standing in the pit, round base and the ceiling above it was in the form of corrugated rusty metal. Along the edges of the pits were yellow and black fencing fences.




13. At first I thought it was a huge gun barrels, but looking closer, I realized that this is not so. At least, I have not heard anything about guns with non-smooth trunks. Inside it could be seen a plurality of guide shafts, hanging brackets and wires. What is inserted into the trunks, could be a conventional artillery shell.


15. Going round the tube side, I found a ladder leading upward and, without thinking twice got. In the dark, it was a daunting task. Top Installation was dotted with different grooves and recesses, and it is spread over the entire ceiling of the steel lid. What does it cover, I did not immediately understand, the light barely penetrates into the side slot. Unfortunately, I found no going up stairs, and therefore was forced to descend back down.


17. Inspection of the pit from which towered installation, so do not bring me closer to the door. I just realized that the last pair of binoculars overgrown could climb up and gyrating. The arrows on the gauge indicates that the system there is still pressure.


19. Having had a bite a slice of chocolate, I started exploring the side rooms. All the doors were open, door handles instead attended the round steering wheels, which is mounted on the ship's doors. I thought that in the past there probably were sailors. The premises reigned utter rout. Obviously, once they were full of equipment, but now I only saw the rot and ruin. Empty boxes and scraps of wire formed blockages, move through that without the flashlight was very difficult. I knew quite well the Russian language to parse the words "Emergency Exit" on a red circular hatch. However, unfortunately, the manhole was littered with metal debris and did not climb through.

20. Back in the room with the installation, I plunged into the corridors and rooms opposite wall. There's environment is preserved much better. The flash lit up the battery of giant black gas tanks, dozens of circuit breakers. Throughout the ceiling were thick white tube ventilation.


22. In another room, I came across a car wheel trailer from which a plurality of circular eyes stared instrument scales. Some of them shone lettuce-green. Judging by the inscriptions, I realized that it was some kind of gas equipment.


24. Behind the hall with a trailer, crossed the room into the passage, finishing the concrete stairs leading upstairs. Stairs led me to the door ajar corrugated semicircular, because of which shone the light of day. I pushed the door all over, but there are not moved one iota. Either the rusty hinges, or behind something hurt, but five minutes of trying to expand the passage nor to no avail. With great regret, I had to admit that I do not go out there and I went back into the hallway. Then I noticed the turn that missed earlier. He left the stairs down somewhere.


26 later, I came across a series of doors, which has not given me earlier. The corridor turned ninety degrees to the left and moved in a narrow corridor, the far end of which was lost in the dark. Flash brightens a proximal portion. On the left wall stretched red and green pipe.



29. As my slow move forward, to the right opens up numerous rooms, cluttered yellow hardware cabinets. Cases were largely gutted, lying on the floor of the former filling. As a child, on our street in Tromsø, located watchmaker. One of its walls decorated with dozens of mechanical clock, with the cabinet removed. I remember how his younger brother, long time standing on the street in front of the glass, staring at the rotating gears. Now it seemed to me that I was back to the studio. Large blocks, pulled out of the closet, like a clock, consisting of tens of gear castors. Mostly peeped round dials, terminals, and from the depths were electrical wires. I tried to turn one of the blocks and was surprised to its severity.





34. On the dial numbers prevailed, but there were also signs. I'm not too surprised to make out the words, "It is ready to volley", "Ready to Rumble", "Coast Mode", "Sea Mode", "Volley promoted." Obviously, it was part of the guidance that thing that stood in the main tunnel. Being excited, I have not even thought about that in the blocks was not a drop of electronics. It was the only electro-mechanical devices, a motor with a plurality of consuming huge amounts of energy. Only months later, thinking about what had happened to me during those hours, and studying military manuals, I have come to understand that these devices are designed for conducting a nuclear war, and thus insensitive to the primary damaging factors of nuclear explosions, in particular an electromagnetic pulse . These heavy pile of gears and relays can continue to operate even when the semiconductor chips in conventional computers would have long since faded, and the radio is broken.




38. Long corridor went to the gym with a range of security cabinets and the next turn. Behind him the way led by three doors with round helm, leaving the great hall, with a yellow-red skeletons of some healthy devices.





43. Hall was flooding with water, and I am tormented by thirst, had rushed to drink, but the water was a complete spilled engine oil or fuel. Surface stains blossomed iridescent interference thin oil film. Judging by the form of equipment, there is a generator of electricity, sucked all the extensive underground complex. Hung from the ceiling hooks small cranes, and out of the water, like an ancient animal bones, protruding remnants of the crankshaft.



46. ​​From the side of the hall were the corridors, just flooded, but all my attention was drawn by the square of daylight, punches from the far end of the hall. The light allows you to see the road without a flash, but I can not go through the water without getting your feet wet. Initially, the depth does not exceed my high hiking shoes, but the foot found an invisible hole, and I suddenly fell to his knees, struggling to stay on his feet. I'm sure if I did not have time to grab his hand over the body of the diesel generator, then, of course, I fell. Swearing mixed in Russian and Norwegian and is no longer paying attention to the water, I strode reached a dry place where finally able to catch his breath.


48. Go for generating, is a square room, where the ceiling and poured a snazzy door light. To it was attached to the wall metal ladder. In addition to the ceiling protruded three silver, cylinder, reminded me of a cow's udder.


50. Climbing up the stairs, I was with a sinking heart, and was pleased to see the sky and greenery. But it came back to mind the thought of me karaulyaschem bear. A few minutes later, I listened and looked around carefully before deciding to go outside. I moved slowly, at any time, ready to rush back into the darkness of the saving. But there was nobody around. The place from which I came out, it was a small concrete house, from which protruded a half dozen thick and rusty bent tubes with tops like mushroom caps. A little further, it towered exactly the same structure. Not knowing exactly where I am and got out, it seemed to me very reasonable to climb onto the roof of the house and look around. Also, I really wanted to stay in a soaking wet shoes and socks in order to squeeze the wipe their feet.

So I did, but the roof was hard to figure out where I was. On the one hand the review covered a small hill, apparently artificial origin, the other stretched the monotonous landscape of the skeletons of wooden crates and breaks green iron, behind which gleam on the horizon, the blue strip of sea. The bear could not see, and I soon decided to start moving toward the sea. Bending low, I soon reached the remains of the boxes. There I was surprised to see the remains of the plane, but got closer realized that most likely wrong.





















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