Statue of Genghis Khan (43 photos)

Statue of Genghis Khan - the tourist center of Mongolia. Equestrian statue of Genghis Khan - is not just a statue, and a two-storey tourist complex. Pedestal inside a museum, a giant map of the conquests of Genghis Khan, an art gallery, conference hall, restaurant, billiard room and gift shop. Staircase and elevator lead to the observation deck, located in the horse's head, at a height of 30 meters. It offers great views of the endless steppes of Mongolia. Around the statue is planned to build a theme park dedicated to the era of Genghis Khan Mongolian life. The park will consist of six sections: the camp of soldiers, artisans camp, camp shaman yurt Khan camp pastoralists and educational camp.

Coming to Mongolia tourists primarily want to get acquainted with the homeland of Genghis Khan, but unfortunately in Mongolia, with all due respect and veneration of Genghis Khan, not enough museums and places where travelers can explore the history of this great man. Something can be found in the museum of history, something to draw in the Military History Museum, something seen in the museum of folk costumes. But such a museum, where you will tell the story of Genghis Khan in Mongolia yet. The project is a tourist complex "Chinggis Khaan" will help visitors learn more about this man. Despite the fact that work on the construction of a giant monument to Genghis Khan in Mongolia are not yet completed, the statue has become a tourist attraction, look at who come as tourists and locals. Tourist Complex "Statue of Genghis Khan" is located 53 km east of Ulan Bator, highway between Ulaanbaatar - Erdene - Moron and riverbed Tola. The complex is located in Erdene Soum Central aimag of Mongolia.

There is now a 40 meter high statue of Genghis Khan. The creation of the sculpture took two hundred and fifty tons of stainless steel. Height of the base - 10 meters. Base diameter of more than 30 meters. At the base of the statue located 36 columns symbolizing the 36 khans who ruled Mongolia after Genghis Khan. Grand opening of the monument took place on 26 September 2008. At a ceremony attended by the President of Mongolia and other officials. At the moment, it is already possible to climb to the observation deck located on the 30 meter height of the statue (on the horse's head). Within the ten-basement - a restaurant, gift shops, a giant map of the conquests of Genghis Khan. And symbolic golden whip in two meters long - the same whip and became the cause of the monument in this place.

According to legend, in 1177, a young man Temujin (Genghis Khan's original name before his election as emperor on kurultai 1206-year) was returning home from Van Toorily Khan, a close friend of his father, who asked for strength and help. And it is in this place where today erected a statue, he found a whip - a symbol of success. This allowed him to unite the Mongolian people, to become Genghis Khan and conquer half the world.


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