Sergei Bodrov, Jr. died because of Genghis Khan.

Great disaster, which happened with Sergei Bodrov Jr., announced mystical shamans victim: a young actor died tragically after his father planned a film about Genghis Khan - The Lord of the bloodiest of all time.

The world premiere of his blockbuster "Mongol," Sergei Bodrov was appointed on September 20 - the fifth anniversary of the death of a loved one and only son.

Once alone in the name of Genghis Khan instilled human horror. It meant death, blood and pain for all the peoples who inhabited the vast territory from the Pacific Ocean to the West Europe. But the descendants of the Great Empire - Mongols, Buryats, Yakuts, Kazakh, Tuvan, Uighurs - Genghis Khan almost God. And shamans sure: his spirit is still here with us, and the curse will overtake everyone who disturbed without due reverence the memory of the bloody ruler.

Sergei Bodrov Sr. turned to the shaman for help after being tragically lost his son.

This is how the visit to mystical shaman tells himself Bodrov:

- I worked with an artist of Buryatia, a famous sculptor Dashi Namdakova. It feels like a real Mongol: Buryat in fact very close to the Mongols. He himself a Buddhist, and a serious, grown up in a Buddhist family, shamanism also has a relationship. He told me: "Sergey, before you shoot this picture, refer to the main shaman of Mongolia." We did it, and I think that is very well received. Generally, when do you get for such a thing, you must know and respect the culture and behave appropriately. Interestingly, we then shaman said that many would like to make a picture about Genghis Khan - the Chinese, the Japanese, the French, but when we first arrived, and rightly so. Some of the scenes we filmed in the former empire of Genghis Khan - the Manchu empire that in Inner Mongolia, near the North China. So there is still found ancient tombs, which are round stones obols. On these stones all the Mongols come with offerings - it is very important to them sanctuary. And we have tried to respect the customs, so as not to disturb these places ...

 - Do you believe in the curse of Genghis Khan?

 - Yes! We therefore something and went to shaman to ask permission. And he's one of the most powerful shamans of Mongolia, he gave us permission to do so.

 - Do you believe in fate?

 - Of course.

Mystical help Mongolian shaman helped director. It was extremely difficult to remove "Mongol": many times he was on the verge of closing. This film has been hard-won, grind.


Perhaps if the shaman's blessing has been received from the very beginning of Genghis Khan, it could have saved from the terrible loss of director in September 2002 in the mountains of North Ossetia in the glacier lost son of the director Sergei Bodrov Jr. Shamans believe that this is the spirit of Genghis Khan continues to collect the victims.

High Olkhon shaman (a mystical sanctuary on Lake Baikal) Valentin Hagdaev believes in contact with the personality of such a scale and of such strength as Genghis Khan, you have to be very careful.

- Genghis Khan does not forgive mistakes. The consequences could be catastrophic - told reporters, "Life" shaman Hagdaev. - Remember what happened when researchers uncovered the tomb of Tamerlane? The next day the war began. Bodrov turned to such figures as Genghis Khan, and tried to put something of their own, creatively invented in his image. It does not remain unpunished. There was no need to do that ...


His film about Genghis Khan Sergei Bodrov conceived seven years ago. Only the collected material - and the tragedy of his son. Then he froze work due to lack of funds and problems with shooting on location in Mongolia.

- The film gave me the blood and sweat - says Bodrov. - Many times I thought of giving up. Terms stretched - I had to take longer than expected ...

One such clear from what has arisen obstacle was the refusal of the Mongolian authorities to allow shooting in Mongolia. They accepted some of the scenes in the film as a mockery of the memory of Genghis Khan, insult their national feelings. In the film, Bodrov's Genghis Khan's wife overboard to save her betrothed, sleeps with a merchant from China, gave birth to his child and then Genghis Khan rescues from captivity.

 - Of course, the Mongolian historians were outraged - shared secret Sergey. - They are serious conversations about how to transfer the Mongolian capital of Ulan Bator in the old capital. Because Mongolians believe that Khan will return and punish those who have done something wrong. Will come back and be angry that the capital in the wrong place. That is their attitude. They agreed that the first child was not his, but that's what the second child was Chinese ... And indeed, heard the protests that the Chinese take away half of Mongolia after this film. I said that I still do the episode, and after the talk. Now everything seems more or less calmed down. The Mongols have worked with me, I wrote the music for the film. They also believe that it's their movie.


The film by Sergei Bodrov, "Mongol" is already sold in 25 countries. Its budget - 15 million euros. The film has mounted one of the best editors of the world - Zack Stayenberg whose "Oscar" for "Matrix».

- Man gets crazy money that we could not pay him, - says Sergey Bodrov. - He worked for the money twice less than usual, because in addition to the budget there is love and enthusiasm.

- Will the "Mongol" sequel?

- At first I thought that it was the first and last picture. But now producers and I think on a sequel. Already written script, but it is too early to say that the project will take place.

- Do you plan to participate in big festivals?

- There is a great spectator movie that does not need awards. We are interested in Rome, where we will participate, because the audience is 10 times more than in Venice. It is a rich festival. For such big money big responsibility. This festival is aimed at the viewer. In addition, the "Mongol" - a movie for home viewing. And then, a large DVD-market.

... The premiere of the film "Mongol" is scheduled for September 20. On this day five years ago killed Sergei Bodrov Jr. Therefore, the film, in fact, a monument that his father put his son ...

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