Both died of Sergei Bodrov: the mysterious facts about the tragedy in the Karmadon gorge

14 years ago, on 20 September 2002 in the mountains of North Ossetia tragedy in the Karmadon gorge came Kolka glacier killed more than a hundred people, among whom was Sergei Bodrov, Jr. with his crew. The bodies were never found, all 26 members of the crew still unaccounted for. The mysterious circumstances of the tragedy compel scientists today to push a new version of the causes of the incident.

The source of the photos: Kulturologia.ruthe Website says that today we know the facts.

In the fall of 2002, Sergei Bodrov worked on the film "the Messenger" in which he acted as Director, screenwriter and actor. 18 September, the crew arrived to Vladikavkaz. On September 20, was scheduled to shoot in Karmadon gorge — there filmed only one scene of the film. Due to delays in transport start shooting moved from 9:00 to 13:00, which cost the lives of all participants. Around 19:00 the work had to be completed due to bad light. The group gathered equipment and prepared to return to the city.

At 20:15 local time from the spurs of mount Kazbek broke a huge array of ice. 20 minutes Karmadonskaya the gorge was covered with a 300-meter layer of rocks, dirt and ice. Be saved no one has succeeded — debris flows traveled at a speed of 200 km per hour, covering entire villages, resorts and tented tourist camps for 12 km Under the rubble were more than 150 people, 127 of them are still missing.

The road had stopped, and to the gorge rescuers were able to get only a few hours. Came to the aid of all the villagers. As a result, 3-month rescue operation found only 19... phone for the next two years, the volunteers continued the search. Directly on the glacier they camped under the name of "Hope" every day in searching. According to them, the crew could get to the road tunnel and take refuge from the storm there. However, the tunnel did not find any traces of people. The search was called off in 2004.

In this story a lot of mysterious coincidences. According to the scenario S. Bodrova, only two of the main characters by the end of the movie "the Messenger" was still alive — surprisingly, the perpetrators of these roles do come back safe and sound. Hero Bodrov's scenario was supposed to die. Shooting Karmadonov was originally scheduled for August, but this month Bodrov second child was born, what was transferred in September. In Vladikavkaz Bodrov lived in the same hotel with another crew in a nearby ravine directed by J. Lapshin made a film about the glacier that destroyed local settlements. The plot of the movie was prophetic.

Colca is the so — called pulsating glacier, about once in a hundred years breaking down. The fact that he had to go, it was known for sure, but to foresee the catastrophe was not possible. Although seismic stations a few days before the catastrophe recorded unusual activity — presumably in Kolka fell hanging glaciers with the neighbouring peaks. But these data have not been processed and considered.

Today, scientists say that the descent of the glacier could not cause ice build-up, collapsed from the top. Was published a photo showing that in early September, no hanging glaciers above the Abrasive was not. L. Desinov is sure: the nature of the release of glacier — gas-chemical. The collapse was caused by fluid gas streams issued from the crater of the volcano MT. Warm jets of gas push the glacier out of bed like a cork from a bottle of champagne.

Also, scientists believe that the descent of the glacier was not only random, but also could be indicative of more dangerous and large-scale processes occurring in the layers of the lithosphere. There is a version that the reason for the sudden revival of the Tuners have a few faults in the earth that came together at one point. To the bottom of the glacier came over the magma, and 200 tons of ice were forced out of their bed. This can be a signal, warning about future earthquakes as a result of faults.

The mysterious circumstances surrounding the tragedy has forced many people to nominate an incredible version of what happened. Among the highlanders there were witnesses who claimed that after a half hour of the glacier group members contacted, and that they allegedly saw Bodrov alive years later after the tragedy.

The exact circumstances of the death of Sergei Bodrov is still not known. But one can say with certainty: sooner or later the glacier may again fall down, and to prevent this disaster, people can not.



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