Sergei Bodrov, Jr.

Sergei Bodrov, Jr. was born on December 27, 1971 in Moscow, the son of film director Sergei Bodrov Sr., and mother - Valentina Nikolayevna Bodrova, art ... In 1989, he entered the Faculty of History Faculty of Moscow State University. University, and studied there until 1994 ... From 1994 to 1996, was a graduate student at its school. He then worked as a school teacher, a pastry factory "Udarnitsa" lifeguard on the beach in Italy, a journalist. From October 1996 to 1999, Sergei was a co-host of the program "Vzglyad". In 1998, at the Department of Art History, Moscow State University master's thesis on the theme "Architecture in Venetian Renaissance painting».

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The first role of Sergei Bodrov was held in 1989 in the film of his father, Sergei Bodrov, "Sir (Freedom - a paradise)." It was a film about a special school for juvenile delinquents, during filming of which needed an artist, tonsured nalyso. None of the artists did not want to get a haircut, and then the father Sergei Bodrov Sr.'s son vows nalyso and put it in a frame.

Still, the real debut of Sergei Bodrov Jr. took place in 1996 in the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus»,
who also put Sergei Bodrov. For this role, Sergey won a prize film festival "Kinotavr" and the award "Nika" in the nomination "Best Actor", dividing these awards with Oleg Menshikov. Film crew of "Prisoner of the Caucasus" was awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation.

This was followed by starring roles in films by Alexei Balabanov - "Brother" (1997), for which he received the prize for "Best Actor" at the Chicago International Film Festival.

"Brother-2" (2000)

her role in Paul Pawlikowski "Stringer" (1998)

And Regis Wargnier film "East-West" (1999).

Already in 2001, Sergei Bodrov made his debut in the film "Sisters" as a director of the film, which played a cameo role. The film "Sisters" was awarded the Grand Prix of the festival "Kinotavr" for best debut, the main heroine Oksana Akinshina and Catherine Gorin were awarded the Diploma of the Jury for the best acting duo. At the Moscow International Film Festival film "Sisters" took part in the information display, and was awarded the annual prize of "Kodak" for the best debut. At the Venice Film Festival, the film participated in the program "Cinema of the present", and received the prize «Jesolo Biennale». Painting "Sisters", as of December 2001 is the leader of the film and video distribution among Russian films.

At the Moscow International Film Festival, in 2001, the premiere of the film "Let's do it in a hurry" (2001), in which Sergei Bodrov played a small role.

"War", which was directed by Aleksey Balabanov, production CTB Film Company. A film about the fate of the hostages, who were captured by the rebels in Chechnya, Sergei Bodrov played the role of the captain of the Russian army.

Then, in the movie "Bear's Kiss", directed by Sergei Bodrov Sr., co-production of the German company Pandora Film and STV film company. In the title role - Rebecca Liljeberg, who played the young circus tightrope walker, fell in love bear ... Just bear plays Sergei Bodrov. In autumn 2001, Sergei Bodrov has been leading the project "The Last Hero", the production of the TV channel ORT.



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