Sergei Bodrov

Sergei Bodrov - the famous Russian director and actor. People who have grown up on films 90 knows his film "Brother", "Brat-2", "Prisoner of the Caucasus" and many others. September 20, 2002 he and his film crew were buried alive under a glacier in Karmadon Gorge. Today, the date of his death is 11 years. I suggest you look at the history of the actor's life, narrated by himself.

"Almost all of these events occurred in the first 16 years of my life. Frankly, after that I did not particularly excited.
Children are very much thinking about life, but know very little about it. Therefore, in my head at them much more than they can see or ask. That is their inner world is much larger and richer than the outside.
When I was little, I thought I was very clever. At least, it was hard to imagine anyone smarter than me, except perhaps a few adults. This feeling passed when I read a book by Tolstoy's "Childhood. Adolescence. Youth". It struck me that the same thing in the same words recalls the writer himself. Around the same time I learned about the infinity of the universe. Then I realized how much there is a small inner worlds and how inexplicable the big world, they form.

I once stole a car from a friend. Play it, I could not. He began to suffer terribly. Mom learned about it and advised to call the parents of the boy. Shame was monstrous, the idea of ​​calling - unbearable, but I decided. Then I realized that the courageous actions to make difficult than shameful, but they make you stronger.
One day I went to Pioneer Camp asset, because he was in love with the Pioneer. Before that I was in the camp once, but escaped, where I was appointed standard-bearer. I really like the white gloves, red ribbon over his shoulder and forage cap, but it turned out that at the end of the ceremony of transfer of the flag it should be kissing. It seemed to me a little unnatural, moreover, be honest, by the time I had never kissed. In general, the appointment did not take place. Also, I did not conduct public life, I did not like the game, "candle", and I never learned to play the drum. There is nothing wrong, I did, but I hate activists. I had to leave again. Then I realized that even if you're a good person, it does not mean that all of you will love.

One day we were sitting with friends after school in the school locker room. Passing by an elementary school teacher who has decided that we climbed pockets. Commencement of the trial. The case of theft was announced at the parents' meeting. It was impossible to justify, even parents doubted. Before that, I had to lie, but usually fail. Therefore, the power and authority of the truth for me was adamant. But then I realized that even if you're right, it does not mean that you will believe. It turned out that it is necessary to fight for the truth.

Once the program of cultural exchange with the class we went to Hungary. Foreign shocked everyone. In the house of my Hungarian was the wine cellar, at lunch they ate soup made from cherries. Our peers rolled girls on their own motorcycles, drinking wine and walked at night. Between us was a friendly football match. Girls, of course, were the fans. In short, you will not see such battles! Borodino faded before this battle. We had to be sure to win. And we won. Then I realized something about patriotism.

In the early years mean much physical strength and sense of justice. Therefore, in high school I often fought. In 16 years, I broke his nose classmate. In fact, as explained by the investigator, it was considered a grievous bodily harm. But after questioning, he promised not to pursue the matter, and suggested to him to report on cases of theft and pornography at school and left phone. The paper had to throw in the hallway, because the victim was eavesdropping at the door. Then I realized that dignity must always be stronger than fear.

The first parting with his beloved is never easy. I also experienced difficult this time as long as it sat at the table and wrote heartfelt lyrical story about a submarine officer. When the four in the morning paper had come to an end, I was healthy and went to bed. Then I realized that art - a great power. «

Three years Sergei worked as a leading program "Vzglyad". Together with colleagues, they took on the transfer of mail letters written to Santa Claus, who were saved by the department for the destruction, and carried out a childhood dream. Bodrov often recalled the story of a red hooligans, asked Santa Claus for a pipe of his older brother, who suffered greatly from the fact that he lost his. The boy came into the yard bus, got out and the orchestra began to play. The boy ran into the street to listen to, and then Sergey started a conversation with him, from which it became clear that he really wants to help his brother.
After playing Danila Bagrov in the film "Brother" and "Brother 2" actor Sergei Bodrov the end of life identified with his hero. Some adored, others accused of primitiveness. In an interview with Sergei he said of his character: "I have on his account there is a kind of metaphor: I appear to people in the primeval chaos that sit by the fire in his cave, and nothing else in life do not understand, moreover, that they need to eat and multiply. And then one of them gets up and says, very simple words about what is necessary to protect its own, it is necessary to respect women, it is necessary to protect his brother. »



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