Statue of Genghis Khan

You know, when I saw this picture, I thought it was some sort of joke or a hack. The real statue? Well, as I could about it before do not know! And look how it looks on a background of desert steppe! Fantastic! Let's learn something more about this amazing building.

Equestrian statue of Genghis Khan - a symbol of the 800th anniversary of Mongolia. Many historians believe that the greatest conqueror of all time was not Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan. Alexander inherited from his father a strong army and a powerful state, and the great Mongol, starting from scratch, united disparate steppe tribes and in 21 years of his reign (1206 - 1227) created a great power, which occupied 22% of the entire Earth. His name - Genghis Khan Temujin - terrifies the many nations of Eurasia, but for the great Mongol Khan was and is the father of the nation.

With all due reverence and respect for Genghis Khan in Mongolia are not many places and museums, where visitors can learn the history of the legendary commander. And now, 800 years later, Genghis Khan founded the Mongol Empire, the Mongol national hero back on the horse! A huge 40-meter-high equestrian statue, covered with 250 tons of stainless steel, stands on a windswept plateau. A statue of the great Mongol installed on 10-meter pedestal, surrounded by 36 columns symbolizing the 36 khans who ruled Mongolia since Genghis Khan. The construction of the monument was timed to the celebrated in 2006 the 800th anniversary of Mongolia. September 26, 2008 in the presence of the President of Mongolia and other officials inaugurated the equestrian statue of Genghis Khan.

Statue of Genghis Khan - the tourist center of Mongolia. Equestrian statue of Genghis Khan - is not just a statue, and a two-storey tourist complex. Inside the pedestal housed the museum, a giant map of the conquests of Genghis Khan, an art gallery, conference facilities, restaurants, a billiard room and gift shop. The staircase and elevator lead to the viewing platform, located in the horse's head, at a height of 30 meters. Boasting amazing views of the endless steppes of Mongolia. Around the statue is planned to build a theme park dedicated to life the era of Genghis Khan Mongolian. The park will consist of six sections: the camp of warriors, artisans camp, camp shaman yurt Khan camp pastoralists and educational camp.

The complex is fenced by a stone wall, there will be 200 yurt camping, swimming pool, an outdoor theater and a golf course. In addition, steel cover with gold statue of the commander to make it easier to see in the desert. The park will be planted 100 thousand. Trees. Place for the construction of the statue and a tourist complex chosen by chance: according to legend, it was here in 50 km of Ulaanbaatar in the area Tsonzhin-Boldog, the young man found Temujin plated a whip, who helped him to become Genghis Khan conquer half the world, and.

The opening ceremony of the monument took place on September 26, 2008.

According to legend, in 1177, a young man Temujin (Genghis Khan's original name before his election as emperor in 1206 at the Kurultai of the year) was returning home from Van Toorily Khan, a close friend of his father, who has asked for strength and support. And it is in this place where today erected a statue, he found a whip - a symbol of success. This enabled him to unite the Mongolian people, to become Genghis Khan conquer half the world, and.

The horse's head is constructed viewing platform, which can be reached by stairs or elevator. The site is located at a height of 30 m., It offers an unforgettable view of the boundless steppes of Mongolia.

The complex is located, it is still under construction, and by 2012, according to the plan, there will yurt camping with swimming pool and park. The whole area will be fenced by a stone wall. Who is building the main (south) and the north gate. The complex will be planted 100,000 trees and standing more than 800 guest yurts for visitors to the complex. Complex "Statue of Genghis Khan" will embody the traditions of national architecture and the achievements of modern architecture.

The authors of such an ambitious project are the famous sculptor and architect J. Erdenebileg J. Enhzhargal. Looking around the statue, struck by the attention to detail masters. Inside the equestrian statue is hollow and consists of two floors. Here was a place not only for the conference room, but also for the museum hunnu era, an art gallery, a billiard room and even a restaurant! In addition, there is a huge map, where you can see all areas that Genghis Khan managed to win over the years of his reign, as well as a 2-meter gold whip!

The total area of ​​cultural and historical complex "Statue of Genghis Khan" is 212 hectares.



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