The statues, which must see

In each country, especially in the capital, there are many ancient and modern attractions that attract millions of tourists annually. In addition to the castles, squares, palaces and parks, there is a statue that tourists cause no less interest. Let's look at those who just need to see during a visit to a particular country.

1. Easter Island, one of the most remote people uninhabited islands, known for its huge stone statues, or as they are called moai. Perhaps they were created to perpetuate the deified tribal leaders. (Rex Features)

1. There are not many Christian statues, which were more popular than Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. The construction of the famous statue in the Art Deco style, which later became a symbol of Rio, held in the period from 1922 to 1931. (Michael Friedel / Rex Features)

3. No visit to Copenhagen will not be considered complete if you have not seen "The Little Mermaid." This small statue commissioned in 1909 by Carl Jacobsen, son of the founder of the company Ā«CarlsbergĀ», after looking the same name ballet. (Design Pics Inc / Rex Features)

4. Worldwide, installed hundreds of Buddha statues, but one of the most impressive - a statue of Buddha in Leshan, carved out of the rock in the south of Sichuan, China. The statue created nearly a century and completed in the year 713. The authors of the statue had hoped that it will calm the dangerous waters of the river, which looks. (Prisma Bildagentur AG / Alamy)

5. It is believed that the famous Sphinx at Giza was built almost 5,000 years ago. This is one of the oldest and largest statues in the world. Why and for whom it was built - is still a mystery. (National Geographic Image Collection / Alamy)

6. The majestic figure of a seated Abraham Lincoln looks at the visitors the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. Experts say that his hands form a sign language version of the initials of the name of the American president. Allegedly, the sculptor Daniel Chester was a deaf-mute son, and he wanted to pay tribute to Lincoln for the university for the deaf - Gallauden - received a collegiate degree. (Sipa Press / Rex Features)

7. Statue of Admiral Horatio Nelson, stands proudly at the Corinthian column surrounded by four lions, looking at Trafalgar Square in London for over 150 years. They say that Hitler wanted to take her to Berlin with a successful capture of the UK. (1Apix / Alamy)

8. This bronze statue of Buddha in the temple is Kotoku-in Kamakura, Japan. It was created in the 13th century, it weighs 93 tons, but inside - a hollow, where visitors can go inside. Rudyard Kipling mentioned it in his poem in the preface to the novel "Kim." (Roy Garner / Rex Features)

9. If you are in Brussels, most likely you will definitely see this Manneken Pis. This - a symbol of Brussels, the statue, also known as the Mannequin Pis. Of Brussels say that it is set as a reminder of the events of the war grimbergenskoy when the cradle with her son Godfrey III of Leuven was hung on the tree to view the future monarch to inspire citizens, and the child urinated on from there fighting soldiers under the tree. (Ken Welsh / Alamy)

10. The highest statue of Shiva is in Sange, on the border districts of Bhaktapur in Nepal and Kavrepalankok. Its construction was completed a few years ago, it is made of copper, cement, zinc and steel, and is one of the first modern attractions of Nepal. (Laxman Thapa)

11. How many statues in this gallery, the naked hero Michelangelo - David - had to stand outside, but it is held in the protective walls of the museum since 1873. From the beginning, he was a patriotic symbol of the Florentine Republic. (MIMMO FRASSINETI / Rex Features)

12. This statue has repeatedly called one of the ugliest in the world, but still worth a look at this monument to Peter the Great, if you pass by in Moscow. The statue is so unpopular in 1997 that she even offered to send to St. Petersburg. However, this proposal was rejected. (Oleksiy Maksymenko / Alamy)

13. Hundreds of thousands of people every day come to see multiple versions of "The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin, which are scattered through museums around the world (the original is in the Rodin Museum in Paris). (Corbis Bridge / Alamy)

14. "growth" in the 128 meter Spring Temple Buddha in the district Lusha in China is considered the highest statue in the world. The statue, completed in 2002, stands on the building of the Buddhist monastery. (Zgpdszz)

15. The Louvre is the famous Venus de Milo - the ancient Greek statue of the goddess of love and beauty. Experts believe that once it was brightly colored and stood in a niche sports hall, holding an apple. (Peter Scholey / Alamy)

16. Present the US from France - Statue of Liberty holding a torch over New York since 1886. Originally, the statue was bronze, but over time changed the tone. (The Travel Library / Rex Features)

17. A huge statue of Genghis Khan just can not miss, it rises above the tourist center in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Visitors can walk up to the horse's head, which offers an excellent panoramic view. (F1 Online / Rex Features)

18. One of the most famous statues in Rome - a bronze sculpture of Marcus Aurelius on horseback, which for many hundreds of years, stands on the square of the Capitol. The statue depicts the back of the Italian coins 0.50 euros. (Hemis / Alamy)



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