The statues, which must see

In each country, especially in the capital, there are many ancient and modern attractions that attract millions of tourists annually. In addition to the castles, squares, palaces and parks, there is a statue that tourists cause no less interest. Let's look at those who just need to see during a visit to a particular country.

1. Easter Island, one of the most remote people uninhabited islands, known for its huge stone statues, or as they are called moai. Perhaps they were created to perpetuate the deified tribal leaders. (Rex Features)

1. There are not many Christian statues, which were more popular than Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. The construction of the famous statue in the Art Deco style, which later became a symbol of Rio, held in the period from 1922 to 1931. (Michael Friedel / Rex Features)

3. No visit to Copenhagen will not be considered complete if you have not seen "The Little Mermaid." This small statue commissioned in 1909 by Carl Jacobsen, son of the founder of the company «Carlsberg», after looking the same name ballet. (Design Pics Inc / Rex Features)

4. Worldwide, installed hundreds of Buddha statues, but one of the most impressive - a statue of Buddha in Leshan, carved out of the rock in the south of Sichuan, China. The statue created nearly a century and completed in the year 713. The authors of the statue had hoped that it will calm the dangerous waters of the river, which looks. (Prisma Bildagentur AG / Alamy)


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