And if they have legs?

Do heads on Easter Island feet?

Moai (statue, an idol, idol) - monolithic stone statues of Easter Island in the Pacific, owned by Chile. Manufactures indigenous Polynesian population between 1250 and 1500 years. Who knows 887 statues.

And after 12 years of excavations, scientists discovered the bodies of stone idols.

The research team led by Anne Van Tilburg, the head of the "Project Easter Island sculpture", found that the statues of Easter Island have not only the head but the body. Body size idols size correlated with the head - body length up to 7 meters.

The researcher points out that the notion that the idols of Easter Island has only a head due to the fact that in the photographs often imprint only 150 sculptures, dug into the ground on his shoulders. Meanwhile, the island of about 800 pieces. According to archaeologists, the statues were originally buried. They plunged into the ground under the influence of climate change.

During excavations, archaeologists have found that the statues were painted with red pigment, the newspaper Mirror. In addition, near the statues were found human burial.

It is noted that during the excavation were found a mechanism that allows to install colossi. Scientists have found that idols drags to the installation in the horizontal position, and then installed in the excavated pit. As a guide used ropes and tree trunks.

Backs stone idols are covered with inscriptions, archaeologists say. Anne Van Tilburg suggests that the petroglyphs covering the torso of "beauties" may be the signature of the sculptor of the statue or group of owners.

887 stone giants of Easter Island are the patrons of the island. Statues of Easter Island, also known as Moai. Contrary to popular belief, they are not looking towards the ocean and inland. Some have hats Moai of red stone. Manufactures moai in the quarry in the center of the island. But their height sometimes reaches 20 meters.



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