10 historical mysteries that we can not solve so far

I think this is one of the fundamental rules that we need to learn that it is impossible to know everything. Many secrets keeps history. Some of them are as old as the world, others - are relatively young. < Website offers ten interesting to learn about the mysteries, the answers to which are still there.

Riddle wealth Hitler h2> The list of the treasures that belonged to Adolf Hitler, is amazing. Estimated value of the stock of stolen gold bullion, foreign notes and jewelry reaches 4 billion. But the cache, which stores these riches, deserted soon after the defeat of Germany in World War II. In subsequent decades, some things from this collection are found in many countries - Portugal, Turkey, Spain, Switzerland and even Sweden.

Hundreds of adventurers still continue to hunt for these treasures, but even after 70 years no one knows where all the gold was gone Adolf Hitler
Some believe that Hitler was still in the last months of the war perepryatat wealth deutschneudorf (German municipality in the land of Saxony). Other people believe that the treasures are buried at the bottom of an Austrian lake Toplice. And someone is convinced that they are stored separately in dozens of banks around the world ...

The disappearance of the ship "Cyclops» h2> The Bermuda Triangle is known as the place where the mysterious disappearance of ships and aircraft. Many of these scientists can not give any logical explanation. In particular, this applies to the American ship "Cyclops", built shortly before the First World War.

At the beginning of February 1918 "Cyclops" headed for Brazil, planning to supply fuel British ships plowing expanses of the South Atlantic. On the way back the ship made an unscheduled stop at Barbados, and then headed for Baltimore. It happened March 4, 1918. From that day on "Cyclops" was never seen again. On board were 300 passengers and dozens of crew members. All of them are still missing.

The US government has spent a thorough search "Cyclops" for almost 10 years, but no trace of the vessel could not be found

Place the remains of Columbus - historical dispute h2> Great explorer originally buried in the Spanish Valladolid. Decades later his remains were moved to the island of Hispaniola (Caribbean), as he commanded. But when in 1875 the island passed into the possession of the French, the Spaniards moved the remains of Columbus in Cuba. There they rested until 1898 (the Spanish-American War). And then returned to Spain in Seville.

In 2006, the remains were subjected to genetic analysis and comparative analysis, which have proved their authenticity. But it was not there! The government of the Dominican Republic refused to recognize the results of the DNA examination. They are still trying to prove that it is the remains of Columbus are buried in their country.

Ironically, in 1877, in one of Peru (!) The cathedral was found dilapidated box that says that there are remains of "the famous Christopher Columbus».

Unsolved Mysteries Phaistos disk h2> The Minoan civilization is considered by most historians "the first link in a chain of European nations." Phaistos disk, discovered in 1908 by archaeologist Luigi Perna in the small town of Festus (Crete), gave scientists hope that they will be able to learn more about this a little bit more advanced civilization.

But Phaistos disk stubbornly refuses to reveal their secrets. The contents of the disk still remains unsolved. Someone thinks that it recorded a hymn or a prayer, someone is sure that this calendar. Unfortunately, the scientific community has no way to confirm or refute these hypotheses.

Signal «Wow!» h2> Famous signal «Wow!» was adopted from space. It lasted a long time - as much as 37 seconds. Unfortunately, scientists can not explain what it was.

In August 1977, American astronomer Jerry Ayman, who worked with a powerful radio telescope "Big Ear" in Ohio, suddenly gave the unknown signal. The astronomer was struck by the hand and wrote on his printout «Wow!» Ayman argues that it was the most powerful, clean and, of course, the most important signal that he had ever heard in my life.

Over the 38 years that have passed since the adoption of the signal «Wow!», Scientists have not been able to figure out where it came from. Most researchers tend to the version that he had an extraterrestrial origin. Unfortunately, a similar signal was no longer recorded.

The tomb of Genghis Khan h2> According to legend, the faithful followers of Genghis Khan, the great body buried in a secret place, killing hundreds of soldiers and slaves, who were present at the ceremony. "Ten thousand horsemen trampled the ground for three days at the place where the body was buried Genghis Khan to destroy all traces of the grave" - ​​says a historical source.

Some historians believe that the remains of the burial place of Genghis Khan is located at the bottom of a small river Onon, in the past century has repeatedly changed its course. As more plausible version of the Great Khan is buried near the place where he was born - in Khentii aimag.

When in 2006 a team of archaeologists discovered the ruins of the palace of the third of Genghis Khan (10 kilometers west of Ulan Bator), many experts have suggested that Genghis Khan was buried in the surrounding area. Alas, for the first 9 years of searching for the supposed tomb has never been found, that is, the mystery remains unsolved until now.

Star of Bethlehem h2> Christians perceive the appearance of the Star of Bethlehem as a divine sign that does not require much explanation. But scientists want to understand this phenomenon better.

Some of them are inclined to believe that it was a UFO. This conclusion was made after the analysis of the Holy Scriptures, which dealt with the fact that a bright object seen in the sky at any time of the day and, unlike other stars, he did not move to the west.

Scientists from Oxford believe that the Star of Bethlehem could have been a supernova explosion. The famous astronomer Johannes Kepler was convinced that it was formed in a collision and subsequent merger of the two planets in our solar system.

Well, the ancient Greeks believed that the Star of Bethlehem was a bright comet. In which version to believe? Pick and choose!

Olympic gods could be alien h2> Could it be that a few thousand years ago, representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations visited Earth and gave people the technology and radically changed the course of history? If this assumption is true, then why would our ancestors and not to treat them as gods?

Some researchers believe that all it was. "Our civilization, modern humans, according to Hesiod, belonged to the fifth fraction, which was created by Zeus. We - iron race, in which the representatives of mixed good and evil "- explains Erich von Däniken, the popular Swiss writer, carried away ufology.

In his book entitled "The Odyssey of the Gods", he wrote that the ancient Greek gods really were not fictional creatures and aliens with a real development of the planet. Visiting Earth, they gave mankind new technology. Unfortunately, this version can neither confirm nor deny.

What secrets stores Bimini Road? h2> In May 1968, in the sea off the coast of Bimini (Bahamas) divers found thousands of huge flat limestone blocks. All were neatly stacked, forming a path length of more than one kilometer. Agree, the nature without human intervention could not create anything like it.

Some researchers believe that these units - the ruins of an ancient civilization, while others call them amazing natural phenomenon. But as it is possible to explain the prophecy, made a great predictor of Edgar Cayce? Back in 1938 he said: "The ruins of the lost Atlantis will be found in the deep sea off the coast of Bimini ... It will happen in 1968 or 1969". prediction has come true with remarkable accuracy.

Babushka Lady h2> The documentary films and photographs related to the tragic death of John F. Kennedy, the crowd can see an unknown woman standing on the side of the road, which followed the limousine of the 35th President of the United States. She is dressed in a brown coat, and tied on her head scarf. Americans gave the woman nicknamed "Babushka Lady" (in the original - Babushka Lady).

Some frames of the documentary can be seen that woman before his eyes holding a small camcorder. Almost all the people ran away, he heard gunfire, but Babushka Lady remained in place and continued to shoot what is happening. Soon she mingled with the crowd and disappeared from sight.

To find this mysterious woman subsequently took over even the FBI, but they were unsuccessful. In June 1970 some Beverly Oliver told reporters that it is precisely the Babushka Lady. But that's only in her story had a lot of gaps and factual inaccuracies, so take her words for the truth no one.

Who is this unknown woman in a headscarf? Where did she shot the video? Answers to these questions so far.

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