Best photos of Wikipedia in 2012 (12 photos)

The annual competition "Picture of the Year" - an event in which community members Wikimedia Commons vote choose the best photos of Wikipedia. Today, we look at the 12th winner of the seventh competition "Picture of the Year».

Yak at Lake Yamdrok Tibet. Yak different long shaggy hair, which hangs from the body and almost completely covers his legs. (Photo by Dennis Jarvis)

View of the city from Mount Kranj Smarjetna gora, Slovenia. (Photo by Mihael Grmek)

Solar flares, August 31, 2012. (Photo by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)

Bird, missing bee, France. (Photo by Pierre Dalous)

Park in Pszczyna, Poland. (Photo by Jacek Cislo)

Darwaza (pers. "Gates") - the gas crater in Turkmenistan. Read more in the article "The gates of hell. Turkmenistan". (Photo by Tormod Sandtorv)

Vasco da Gama Bridge in Lisbon, Portugal. Cable-stayed bridge, turning into a viaduct. It is the longest bridge in Europe (including viaducts), with a length of 17.2 km. (Photo F Mira)

Natural Park in Estonia. (Photo Ireen Trummer)

Silhouette shuttle Endeavour on the background of the Earth. Photographed by members of the 22th expedition to the ISS. Orange - the troposphere, a whitish color - stratosphere (altitude of 45-55 km to 8-16 km), which moves the mesosphere (the height from 50-55 to 80 km). (Photo: NASA)

Bibury - the oldest village in England. It is the oldest inhabited buildings in England, they were originally built in 1380 as a monastic wool shop converted into weavers' homes for the nearby Arlington Mill in the 17th century. As they say Bibury was the most beautiful countryside in the country. On a good day you can still catch a glimpse of the old stone building through a bus multinational crowd of tourists. (Photo Saffron Blaze)

Landscape of Eidfjord, Norway. (Photo by Simo Rasanen)

"Frozen" footage shot in a light bulb. (Photo by Stefan Krause)



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