Pyramidal President

Sergei Mavrodi decided to move the presidency. Or not to move but just popiaritsya decided between cases severe that the people did not forget their hero? A that it is still a decent prezik could happen. Basically, what he wanted in the field of business, have probably reached. Even twice. What tempt fate for the third time?
A new here, untilled field for him. In principle, it can stop a person who twice the blue spread millions of citizens, while having served for this real nonsense and returning investors something about one percent of their lost funds? Yes, almost anything but sudden untimely death. And will laugh, of all hilarious Russian political palette, perhaps, he is the greatest sympathy. Well, maybe half with Zhirinovsky. From these, at least, it is clear what to expect. But if Vladimir Zhirinovsky sometimes deters excessive militancy (albeit flashy), the Mavrodi is even some affection, or something. In the end, it would be interesting just to see what a head of state a person who can not make money from oil and gas from the air.
Bribes and that man did not hesitate to consume his party abusive to many abbreviations and called it a simple and austere MMM. As expected, realized by initial slogan "We are changing the world».
No, seriously, nothing candidacy. Worse in fact will not be, right?


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