Inexpensive such attraction

Listen, I'm just a wild delight of our court. Such a nice precedent, however, created!
Remember a few days ago Lisa Zharikova threw two bags of excrement in the regional people's deputy Vadym Kolesnichenko? Since all occurred in the presence of many witnesses, the girl anywhere by themselves, and not run away. Detained. Considered. Resolved. With downright amazing promptness.
Resolution - no words - some raisins. Fifty-one hryvnia fine. Or fifteen days of hard labor (that's three sixty a day, or what? Funny rates). And this for two sets of secondary product. In the living deputy. However, whether Lisa weak metal, whether Kolesnychenko turned out to be surprisingly nimble and managed to dodge (and perhaps, both), but fragrant packages goals are not reached. Maybe then the sum would have been more.
But still, I think, for such pleasure that kind of money to pay a dear soul is very, very many of our fellow citizens.
You can even good gesheft this done. Imagine. Acts anywhere another candidate. The event is the sale of tickets. They immediately clogged cost penalty. On the front rows tickets will scatter like hotcakes, I assure you. At the same time someone gets yes, of course. Unpleasant, but washed clean. They are no strangers to this laundered. A treasury - updating. And everyone is happy.


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