Finns know something

Finnish police seem to know something about Putin. But carefully hides from the world. Recently, they have made void sumnyashesya President of Russia in the list of wanted criminals. Then changed his mind and deleted. The official version - say, because of the contact with the biker club "Night Wolves". Of course, things can be. In this world, and it has happened. There are serious programs in unexpected ways. And even won Minister of Internal Affairs of Finland had bowed to Vladimir Vladimirovich. "I know not. The devil has beguiled. Who knows how the program you brought it. I do not blame me. " It seems that the incident is over. But something was osadochek!
Imagine the picture - this is going to GDP on a visit to Finland. Or not. Better with private travel incognito. And at the airport it - bang - and in jail. Pending clarification of the individual. International scandal, however.
We ought to be more careful with the heads of state pulichnymi contacts. And then - never know, you can get under the distribution. Although, if you raise non-public contacts, we think that most of the leaders, if not all the polls will Travel Abroad. Anyway, for the majority of the population after the promulgation of the nearest village ties abroad would seem.
So, it may well be, and I was not mistaken, the program does. And as time worked for the preset algorithm.


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