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So from whom did we come from? Not in the sense of a distant ancestor. Was there really people-father of all nations today? Really it's interesting.
At one time, after the release of "Way of the Aryans" I was really relieved. All clear. Man descended from Ukrainian. Set out with unprecedented conviction. What is particularly pleasing - no need to go anywhere to cling to the roots, so to speak.
But as time goes on. Published the results of new research. And I get depressed because nothing is clear.
For example, a member of the Turkmen Academy, honored worker of science and technology Odek Odekov came to the conclusion that many people are descended from the ancient Turkmen. Well, how many. Almost everything. He published a couple of their labors "We - Asians, arias, Turkmens" and "Traces of Turkmens in the world." And very convincing them described that great Turkmens left marks considerably. And the ancestors and the Chinese, and the Scandinavian nations (that is to say the Vikings - the descendants of the Turkmen. And all the world's civilization rooted in drevneturkmenskuyu. Zarathustra, it turns out, was born in the south of Turkmenistan in Nis. (By the way, so you know. Zarathustra and Scandinavian Odin - one and the same. However, the Scandinavians do not know yet). A former Turkmen President Saparmurat Niyazov - a direct descendant of his. What helped him create the immortal philosophical and historical treatise "Rukhnama". By the way, this is a great creation, as it turned out, is victorious tread all over the planet. And we, his small-town steeped in a swamp, and did not notice that. (Although perhaps had in mind a completely different planet.)
Well, what exactly Turkmen invented the wheel, gave fire to people and learn how to smelt ore, I'm not particularly surprised.
But rest since a loss. From whom do we still conduct our generation? From the Ukrainians? Or Turkmens? Or maybe there's something Kaki options? Help identify.


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