Paradoxical illustrator Boris

The first pictures of Boris appeared on the Internet about 6-7 years ago and since then almost always accompanied by headlines "that used the author", "creativity is inadequate" or even "evil competition of children's drawings." As the author muses what did not credited. Meanwhile, a source of inspiration for Boris began to illustrate Read more in Soviet childhood Murzilka magazine. And there, if anyone knows of age, and is not painted.
For each of its image, as a rule, is a story of life. "Watch the prostate," the author came up to cheer each other, struggling with prostatitis.
Due to the sharp humor and paradoxical stories and pictures of Boris texts do not become obsolete, and interest to the author persists to this day, although the recognition of an illustrator, he has several years of not touching the ballpoint pen, which is painted and all his works.
A general criterion crazy - crazy not very easy to explain. Coincides puzzles with your quirk-normal. Not the same - a potential customer clinics.



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