Sometimes it's worth the wait


I like to change, but not everyone, and not all.
And lo, these eighteen years, I go to the same dentist from a small private clinic. His name is Boris.
Boris - very positive chubby, about my age. As with the old client takes godly, and my teeth, he knows better than I do, it seals keep long, well, what more could you want?
One day, I, as always unexpectedly, I felt that I have teeth, especially one ...
Called Bora:
 - Hey, Boris, can you say?
 - Hey, uh, so ...
 - I want you to come with a tooth.
 - ....
 - Why are you silent? When is the best?
 - You know, I probably will not work, I'll give the phone the other ladies of our doctor, you must remember him, a gray-haired, he is also very good, I will do better than me. Sorry, I can not say ...
 - Okay, thank you, Boris, waiting on your number.

Half an hour later came to SMS-ka with a telephone and the name of another doctor.
I've already dialed the number, but by a sudden something changed his mind and dropped.
After all - why should I go to some unknown doctor if you are accustomed to Bors?
No, I will not go to another, wait out Borini time off, a wedding, or whatever he had.
Thank God and my tooth was completely in agreement with this decision, he was afraid of the unknown gray-haired doctor and hid completely stopped hurting.
I scored again Boria:
 - Ale, it's me again. So, I can wait for you? Something you do not want to another doctor. Why do I need another one if you have not died?
There was a strange pause, I began to blow into a tube and Alekaev, but Boris just breathed loud and silent. Finally he said:
 - Are you really want me to wait?
 - Well, yes, but what?
 - Better not, and that will have to wait a long time, could a month, maybe two, do not invent and'd better call the doctor to whom I gave you.

But then for some reason I felt that Boris more than anything else wants me to wait his name. And said firmly:
 - No, I will somehow wait. And, by the way, where are you?
 - Yes, here left, one businessman. So you really want me to wait?
 - I said - I will wait for you alone, do not be afraid, do not die.
 - Then call me in three weeks, but better - four.

Exactly a month later, we called again with a tooth Boris, he again offers another physician, I again refused, and we agreed to phone again a month later.
... So it took a full five months, I began to lose patience and angry with their stupid stubbornness, and the tooth was alluding to another doctor. In the end, where it disappears so long? If I knew it was stretched so long to really spit at Boris. What he still unspecified people.
Suddenly Boris himself called:
 - Hi. Are you still waiting for me?
 - Well, I'm not so much as my poor tooth ...
 - Tomorrow at ten o'clock you can come?
 - At ten? Why so late? Your office also works to seven.
 - But no one is hurt. Well, can you?
 - Okay, ten - ten so.

The next evening, when I was standing in a traffic jam half way to the hospital, suddenly called Boris, he kept apologizing, he invented some ridiculous excuses and asked to transfer all tomorrow night. I do not know why, but I'm not even angry at him, but simply agreed and began looking for the next turn.
Finally came the same evening.
Boris met me thinner and as always positive, we passed through the empty classrooms between the seats and windows and do not know what, but somehow it did not leave me a strong feeling that I'm not a real patient, and he is not a real dentist, like we two night wandered amateur thief - which turned out. I even went to half-whisper.
Boris sat me in a chair, as always hung over me and as usual began to gut my head, and his brilliant zhelezyachkami Hummer, everything was as usual, but his forehead was sweating more than usual, even sunglasses flooded.
Finally he finished and said briskly:
 - Knock his teeth. The seal does not interfere?
 - Yes, no, everything is fine, thank you. How to me?

Because of his gauze bandage, I did not notice that Boris cried. From my question: - "What happened?" He cried at all like a little boy, but soon pulled himself together and said:
 - I'm sorry - it's nerves. You do not need any money, I am ready to pay you any money for it, for what you are ... waiting for me.
When you then rang, I did not tell you, but at the time I just walked away from the anesthesia. I was after a stroke, the whole left side was paralyzed. Nobody believed that I even get up from the bed, and certainly not something that can come back to the profession, even his wife did not believe. And all I say - fuck you all, I have a patient, and he is waiting for me.
From morning to evening in the gym worked, every day you recalled and thought - though he waited me, if only waited ... And yesterday I could not, I'm sorry again, so excited: - As I get to the first patient? And suddenly napartachit left hand? Do you believe, as many teeth chattered with fear?
Hu's, I am a doctor, I am a doctor, I am a doctor, I'm a real dentist. I call his wife. Ur-ah-ah !!!

From Borini wild "Ur-ah-ah !!!", even cones on glass shelves responded crystal chimes ...


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