The face without make-up has become a fashionable trend

It's time the natural beauty. "Nyudovy" makeup was originally created in order to hide the flaws, but without the mask effect. At the same time, the face looks like and not made up, but at the same time well-groomed.

Experts say: "Your appearance should remain yours: recognizable, personal and unique!ยป

"Today all the European trends in make-up lead to the fact that a person has to look as natural," - says Nick Kislyak, a leading makeup artist L'Oreal Paris.
Confirmation of this - the images of the stars around the world and, of course, make-up model at Fashion Week in New York.

So how do repeat trendy makeup "no makeup"? Translucent tone trim thick eyebrows, lips and slight blush of fresh colors - that's what makes up-to-date "nyudovy" makeup.

To create the effect of "clean" person choose earthy colors, translucent texture with a minimum content of nacre.

Apply lipstick on lips with fingertips over the best balm. Almost all makeup can be made with your fingers - it's not only convenient and fast, but also has the effect of slight negligence, which is so important to fashion a natural way.

Very important expressive eyebrows - wide, worked with pencil and shadow eyebrow. Do not forget to light a healthy blush - he gives the skin a refreshed, youthful appearance.


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