About Finland. Second language, no noise, and something else

1. Breakfast - the second official language of Finland. Two languages ​​are written all the signs, signs, announcements, information on the packages and so on. D.

2. Many young Finns are protesting against the compulsory Swedish school and special education.

3. The time difference with Moscow Helsinki: -1 hour.

4. Only whole of Finland in Helsinki is the subway.

5. Education is free for both Finns and foreigners.

6. The high-rise buildings after 22 hours is prohibited to make noise, to wash in the shower and wash.

7. And in general the majority Finns - larks. Get up early, go to bed too early. After six nights on the street is almost no people.

8. On Sundays shops are open from 12 to 16 or from 12 to 18. Either do not work, such as clothing stores.

9. Trains and buses arrive on schedule. And if the bus can still be a little late, it is impossible to train. If something happened along the way, the information will be displayed, as will later train.

10. Finns are very punctual, time is very important for them. If you will be meeting with the Finn, in any case, do not be late.

11. The population of the whole of Finland a little more than 5 million people, with the majority living in the south of the country.

12. Russian - one of the largest ethnic groups in the country, especially a lot of them live in Helsinki and in the east near the border with Russia. Russian is also regularly come here to rest and shopping tours.

13. Finnish women are in no hurry to marry and found a family. No one will poke his finger at you, if you are 25 years old have not yet married.

14. Finns drink a lot of coffee. The so-called coffee break (kahvitauko) at work or school - the sacred cause for the Finn to it must always find time.

15. In the same sacred cause for the Finns is the sauna.

16. Finns quite addicted to physical culture and sports, and there are all possibilities. The usual thing to see on the weekend in the city of the people who are running, doing Nordic walking, and no, biking and so on. D. Even little old grandparents.

17. The school uses the ten-point system grade 4 - the lowest score, 10 - the highest.

18. Finns are quite tolerant towards migrants and foreigners, but everything depends on the behavior of people. Even if the Finns is the dislike for someone, they do not show it.

19. The majority of Finns are aware of at least two foreign languages ​​- English and Swedish. Required buffet in Finnish schools is introduced to the 7th grade.

20. School teacher has no right to shout, scold and beat students so parents will certainly complain about a teacher.

21. Bowie rarely wear shoes with stiletto heels and dress up a fairly simple, often prefer a sporty style. In recent years, the young girl became more beautiful and very loved to stick false eyelashes. Artificial nails are found, but much less frequently.

22. The youth loves to do piercings and tattoos. Even too ...

23. Single transport is scheduled Sunday. In addition, on December 25 at Christmas and Easter buses do not go at all.

24. The Finns love to travel. According to my observations, the most popular resorts - Greece and Spain. Also love to ride a ferry to Tallinn, Stockholm and St. Petersburg.

25. In Finland, you can safely drink water from the tap.

26. Finns are always eaten with knife and fork, even if they are in the nature and crockery.

27. By the way, yes, they love to do barbecue in nature, especially in the summer. For this purpose they are special places, and there are certain rules for using place for grill. The forest fires burn strictly prohibited.

28. In the summer held a lot of music festivals, one of the largest - rock festival «Ruisrock», passing near the city of Turku. Headlining the festival in different years were «Faith No More», «Rammstein», «Bjork», «Paradise Lost», «Slipknot» and many others.

29. Of course, rock and metal - one of the most popular genres of music in Finland. Recently, however, the younger generation has become popular rap and hip-hop, especially Finland.

30. Fast food is extremely popular: McDonald's and Subway is almost always filled with people. Also popular pizzerias and kebab that keep the Arabs and Turks.

31. Finns are very picky in terms of art, especially photography. If you know how to shoot a little bit, then most likely, you will admire and consider you talented. It is impossible to see such a number of photographers with models in Russia. If you saw a man with a camera, it is likely he shoots nature. It is possible that in Helsinki and other big cities the situation is a little different, but in small towns everything just so.

32. The Finnish language - one of the most difficult European languages. Most foreigners complain of its complexity, especially in terms of grammar. But, in my opinion, there is a more complicated thing - a Finnish slang. Since many Finnish words consists of a set of letters, the colloquial form it sounds completely different and shorter. Sometimes it is very difficult to understand conversation Finnish youth, since it consists almost entirely of slang.

33. Pretty funny to hear the spoken words that came from the Russian language, and at the same time wondering how they are "transformed." For example, the word is derived from the sapuska our "appetizer" that, in fact, refers to the Finnish. Or masiina - «machine».

34. Transfers movies and programs on television and in cinemas come with Finnish subtitles.

35. Being a smoker is quite expensive in Finland: a pack of cigarettes costs about € 5.

36. Strong alcohol is only sold in stores «Alko», and in retail stores can only buy beer and cider. Moreover, if you look younger than 23 years old, you have on hand will be asked to show a passport or other document with your photo.

37. Among the more popular pet dogs cats. Homeless pets is not the case.

38. In the summer the Finns (and not only), go wash carpets in special places near the lake. Permission is washed with a special soap designed specifically for the wash in the street, because it does not contaminate the environment. Yes, do not wash in the lake, of course.

39. Facebook is extremely popular among the locals. Almost all institutions have their own page on Facebook.

40. In Lapland, near the town of Rovaniemi, lies the village of Joulupukki (Finnish Santa Claus), who is most famous for his residence.


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