12 fictional languages ​​in which you can learn to speak (11 pics + text)

You may ask - why speak invented languages, because no one understands? Here is the thing! Suppose you want to talk about something very important on the phone (or, more recently, already on Skype), and you will not want to be overheard competitors and even more so - special services. No, listen, they overheard, but probably will not understand a word. All in all, then it is necessary that your partner on the other end (on the other side of the monitor) also knew the language.
In addition, the development of any new language - a great workout for the brain. And you do not need to go on language courses - enough patience and internet

Utopian language of Thomas More
Hopefully, the lessons of history you remember who the Thomas More? Professor, writer, lawyer, diplomat and politician, who lived at the turn of 15-16 centuries, and so did not like English society that came up with the welfare of the country long before Marx, Engels, Lenin, and called it "Utopia," which means both "the best place "and" lack of space ". Voluminous work was published in 1516 and was written in Latin. However, in the new fundamental ideal society and Thomas More imagined a new language, not like anything previous.

Tengvarsky (elf) language Tolkien
Well, just do not have to tell me that you will never come to the delight of Liv Tyler, fluent in the Tengwar Sindarin. This language Valarin, Telerin, Sindarin, even heaps of other places, and even - Dark Language of Mordor. When mastered the language perfectly, and you will be in the hands of "our beauty", that is the One Ring, do not rush to destroy it. Suddenly useful.

Kirt - Dwarven language Tolkien
And when we started talking about Middle-earth, we can not forget the numerous people gnomes. Kirtsky alphabet (or Kertas Daeron) population Moria successfully integrated into your language Khuzdul, because ... well, you know, dwarves do not write - they cut down the words in stone. In principle, there is speculation that Tolkien almost exactly "perekatal" Kirt with Celtic runes. So, at the same time learn the language, which in some places they say in Ireland.

Inoplanetyansky language Futurama
If you think that obscure icons that appear in many series Futurama - it's just a set of characters that come to mind Matt Groenengu, then you are greatly mistaken. As, until recently, and we were wrong. In cartoon aliens even punctuation is. So, for this language - the future :)


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