"The Dawns Here Are Quiet". Interesting facts

October 24, 1945 was born the People's Artist of Russia Andrey Leonidovich Martynov. The popular actor has brought one of the first films with his participation - "The Dawns Here Are Quiet", in which the young actor starred.

On the birthday of actor we have collected some interesting facts about the fate of the film, which has become for Martynov not only debut, but also the key to the film career.


His immense popularity and product film subsequently recognized one of the best films about the Great Patriotic War, is gaining rapidly. Boris Vasilyev book was published in 1969, was soon put on the stage, and already in 1971 for a new film took Stanislav Rostockiy who has devoted his nurse, who saved him from death at the front.

Thinking aloud

One of the main differences from the original films novel by Boris Vasilyev are connected with the role of elders Fedota Evgrafovich Vaskova which takes Andrei Martynov. The fact that the replicas in the film he is much more than a literary work in which many of them were not voiced thoughts.

Young foreman

In the film, especially today, a common practice: the role of young people and sometimes even children performing actors, whose age is much higher than the age of the character. Andrei Martynov is also a unique example. Role in the film "The Dawns Here Are Quiet", as for many other members of the cast tape was his first big movie, and at the time of the shooting he was 26 years old. Sergeant Fedot same, according to the product, at the material time was 32 years old.

Taught in school

In Soviet schools existed list of films recommended for viewing by students in the educational program. Film "The Dawns Here Are Quiet" for a long time a solid position in this list. Nowadays, students are attached to a classic on its own initiative, but the program of universities in the specialty "Journalism" this film still contains.

Movie billions

Stanislav Rostotsky film is very popular in China - it is one of the most famous Soviet films in the country. The popularity of the film even led to the creation of a remake in 2005, in honor of the 60th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese TV crew with the participation of Russian experts removed the 19-episode TV series based on the novel by Boris Vasilyev. Roles in this version of the executable Russian actors, and the raw material of the writer, not without his participation, has been added.

Black and white past

To underscore the theme of the tragedy of World War II in the film were used original artistic solution: war was sealed in a particularly realistic manner and black and white, while modernity and thought girls filmed in color. In this black and white film is not used - the whole film was printed on a color.

Best foreign language film

"The Dawns Here Are Quiet" in 1973 was nominated for the "Oscar" in the category "Best Foreign Language Film", becoming the fourth of nine films of the Soviet cinema, awarded this privilege. Interestingly, the "following in the footsteps" the film adaptation of the book by Boris Vasilyev and Stanislav Rostotsky next film: in 1979 for the coveted statuette fought "White Bim Black Ear." Victory is gained in those ceremonies French films - "The Discreet Charm of the bourgeoisie" and "Prepare your handkerchiefs", respectively.



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