10 books about the incredible power of women

Like a lot of emotion, feeling and meaning in one word - a woman. They can be tender and caring, capricious and stubborn, kind and empathetic, but always strong and patient.

Website admired women and their daily, seemingly invisible exploits. Today we bring you a selection of books that talk about the struggle and resistance of the beautiful half of humanity.

«Desert Flower» -
Waris Dirie and Cathleen Miller h3> The history of the world-famous Somali Waris Dirie Centerfolds reveals to us the primitive brutality and unjustified practices that continue to exist in the modern world.

«War's female face» -
Svetlana Aleksievich h3> We are accustomed to the fact that the war - a lot of men. The book makes us think that no less took part in it, and women who fought and survived war in inhuman conditions.

«Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler" - Jack Meyer h3> true story about a real feat young polka Irene Sendler. As a social worker and have access to the Warsaw ghetto, Jewish Irene persuades her to give their children and save their lives. Sendler was tortured several times and eventually sentenced to death.

«Frida Kahlo" - Hayden Herrera h3> The book offers readers a vivid and amazing life of Mexican artist. Unforgettable person who has gone through a long physical pain and was able to survive. Eccentricities, romantic beliefs and progressive views - even after half a century, the personality of Frida Kahlo occupies the minds and hearts of many people around the world.

«Dawns Here Are Quiet» -
Boris Vasiliev h3> shrill and tragic story of cruelty and injustice of war. Five young girls who yesterday wore light dresses and elegant shoes today have become soldiers. This heroism in the name of the Motherland, a story about the hard fate unfeminine.

«The Hunger Games" - Suzanne Collins h3> The sensational trilogy offers readers the world of 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen girl whose inner will and the courage to hit the very first pages. This is a story about the strength, courage and desire to live. The story is simple at first glance the girl who commits a truly heroic deeds.

«Atlas Shrugged» - h3>

Ayn Rand h3> Dagny Taggart - the heroine of the novel - is fighting for his ideas and remains true to his principles to the end. The only woman in the company of men, Dagny not simply correspond to their level, but also surpasses many of his intelligence, courage and hard work.

«Girl with the Dragon Tattoo» - h3>

Larsson h3> Even in adolescence Swedish court found Lisbeth Salander is mentally unbalanced. The heroine of the book - asocial man with inner strength, iron will and a brilliant mind, which makes it a bright personality, from the beginning fall in love with the readers.

«Servants" - Kathryn Stockett h3> The story that tells just about three strong women. Restless and daring black maid Minnie, kind by nature and Eybilin young journalist Skeeter tired of racism and unfair treatment. Women decide on a desperate act and tell the world about the harassment and humiliation that was subjected to the maids white gentlemen.

«Queen of the Desert" - Georgina Howell h3> A true daughter of the desert, the Queen of the East - the so-called her contemporaries. An amazing woman, traveler, writer, archaeologist and intelligence officer, Gertrude Bell left copious notes and diaries of his incredible adventures, which formed the basis of the book.

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