"Cabin Fever" in Finnish: a huge fleet, its forest

For more than half a century Ismo Suykki with his wife lives on a remote farm in Finnish. It is not even a paved road, you can get to the house on the dirt road, paved by a private forest. The children have long left for the city, and Ismo leave from their homes does not want to, despite the fact that the entry of Finland into the European Union has put an end to small-scale farming and rural concerns almost gone. Now Ismo occasional carpentry, watching the house and said that he will leave only when the time comes to die.
Everything in this Finland's not like we have. Excellent roads, fast trains, expensive but quality food products, the highest social protection of citizens. One problem - the citizens of those few. On the territory of an area comparable to the German population almost 14 times less - only 5, 5 million souls. Because, probably, the Finns used to settle freely, on a grand scale: for example, located next to the city of Lappeenranta area 6 times greater than in Minsk, but it lives only 70 thousand. Man.

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Not in Finland and villages. All local villages, be it town or hamlet, called "Cul", but similar to our Belarusian village does not occur.

"The street area, standing close to each other at home? - Says Gemma, brother Ismo, who agreed to introduce us to a relative and show farm hermit. - No, this is not in Finland. There is land, the house and the forest around it, and the next door neighbor can live 300 meters or kilometers. "

Cul larger - in our opinion it is something like a small town. Usually this bus there, filling, post office, shops, a sauna, and a few stone houses with apartments. Along the perimeter of (but not necessarily far away!) - Rows of private houses with large areas.

"The land that my ancestors gave Swedish King - casually, as if it is in order, Gemma says, as we drive off-road vehicle on the snow-covered forest to the border of Russia. - Was it five hundred years ago, and since then all generations of our family live here. That ancestor that made the royal mercy, raise horses, helped selfless cause the Swedes, for which he was awarded the land allotment. "


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