As I planted forest

The well-known saying: "This man should build a house, raise a son and plant a tree." When I made the first two steps (with his son - "almost finished"), I reflected on the third.
Here sincerely - I do not understand it. "This man" - and one tree. No, there's something wrong, because the planting of one tree is not socially meaningful act. In addition, plant a tree is not difficult, but to grow - yes, here you will not manage a shovel.
So I took the liberty to tweak a little saying:
"This man should build a house, raise a son, and together they plant and grow a forest." Like the good work. Or not?
Well, I read this frazochku a couple of times, and the more I read, the more I liked it.
And just like it, then I went out into the yard, picked up and planted forest. The benefit of a vacant lot near the entrance was.

And if you are interested, I wrote a short story "How I planted forest».
It is - for real men.

Chapter First. What to plant?

When selecting trees in his woods, I propose the principle of geography - that is, they need to choose the breed, which grow in the vicinity of the city. Otherwise, it will not be the forest and botanical garden, which is not the same thing.
In addition, the citizens of our present savages, and outlandish overseas species in our conditions very quickly grow legs, and once you have it, and have seen.
I stopped on the classics - pine, spruce, juniper, hazel (Hollow), some birches. And after a few years with added caution euonymus and Manchurian walnut.
Given that the subsoil of our cities are rich in minerals (lime, broken bricks and glass, fixtures, construction waste), coated with a thin layer of fertile soil, ideal mountain pine. But it is very beautiful, so vykapyvaema and ubegaema.
By the way, and hazel (Hollow) grows well in urban environments.

Chapter Two. How to plant?

This is a very important point, completely ignores the majority of the "real men" when trying to afforestation in the city.
I often draw attention to the young planting of spruce, pine, and that they occur in the future. And that's what happens - every tenth tree survives. And it is in the best case.
I do not want to brag, but I have achieved 100% survival of trees in their urban forest.
To do this, a number of conditions.
First. Pit wood should be no less than the depth of 0.7 meters and a diameter of 0.7 meters. All fetched (using scrap, foul, profanity and Russian proverbs) breed must be immersed in the car and take off. Where "out" - everyone knows at himself. The upper layer of fertile soil (before "resources") have to throw on the bottom of the pit, and fill up the earth. In principle, it can be peat and sand, you name it.
Second. On the south side of the pit is necessary to dig the stump (one large or two medium-sized), and planted a tree on the perimeter to strengthen boulders or small stones. This is done to protect against wind, scorching sun, and "dark forces" that are able to move in a critical intoxication unimaginable paths, trampling all living things. But do not stump!
In addition, the stump and rocks retain moisture in the ground, which is lacking in our cities. The stump settle various pests that attract birds, which together produce a "clean up" the tree. Under the stone live worms, disintegrating, and fertilize the soil. Stones also prevent the tree trunk while mowing (usually damaged scaffold mowers).
But the most important function performed by the stump - in a separate chapter.
Oh, where to take as many stumps, you ask. Podkaraulte point demolition emergency poplar in your area - the entire forest and that's enough.

Insects in the forest should be enough, and that it should be "forest" inhabitants, so they need to create the appropriate environment.

Chapter Three. Where to take the material for planting and how to transport?

It is quite simple.
Our forests in the suburbs, unfortunately, very cluttered and are too dense undergrowth. As it happens.
With high spruce or pine cones falls, and from young trees sprout. Sometimes, this undergrowth trunks - at a distance of a few centimeters. Foresters should in principle to thin out overgrown such as trees simply "strangled" each other in the fight for the sun, and grow slowly. But ...
So that you and can become a kind of "forester", slightly thin out overgrown fir or pine.

Digging best young tree, no more than 0, 7 m from the sandstone, along with a clod of earth and bedding (grass), after a good rain or melting snow in early spring.
To do this, the bayonet spade on the bayonet around the tree "bounces" diameter clod shuflёm then transferred to polyethylene, wrapped edge - and in the car!
Why it is important to keep the lawn? Then you move to the city a piece of wood. For example,
in my forest grows blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, and blackberries kumovika. They "moved" out of the forest with a lawn.
Soon the forest lilies bloom.

Forest blackberry wintered and begins to twist pine. The nature and occurs. Let urban children see it!

Chapter four. Mycorrhiza: a symbiosis of fungi and plants

To be honest, I did everything right from the beginning, but intuitively. And only recently learned that a mycorrhiza.
This symbiosis of fungi and plants. Different ways fused roots of plants and fungi and as a result there mutually beneficial exchange of nutrients.
"Mushroom receives from wood carbohydrates, amino acids and plant hormones, and makes itself available for absorption and absorption by the plant water and minerals, especially phosphorus compounds. Furthermore, the fungus tree provides a larger surface of absorption, which is especially important when it grows in poor soil. »
Thus for many plants you can get rid of the need to make fertilizers, as well as to reduce the frequency of watering requirements (which is very useful, as in the first 5 years of the forest should be watered during dry summer months).
Also, you can restore the barren land and contaminated building materials: Give grow plants and fungi to their friends, and the soil is restored after some time (much faster than without mushrooms).
Therefore, my stumps in the woods (and around them) grow a lot of mushrooms, white, brown and bright orange. What are they called, I do not know.

I tried to throw under the trees cleaning edible mushrooms. But mushrooms, aspen podberёzoviki and yet, alas, does not grow - the trees are too small. But last year, suddenly appeared svinushki and black mushrooms, and I had them out of the forest not brought.
Friendship with mushrooms clearly went for the benefit of trees - pine for the year added up to 0.4 meters, and a spruce "waved" to 0.5m.
(mushrooms everywhere, May 2010)

In my forest blooming Manchurian walnut.

Chapter Five. Plans for the future.

Here recently I thought - and I think that the forest is not enough? And I realized that not enough of the anthill. In fact, you see the forest without an anthill? And I do not have.
It may sound a little strange, but I had already planned transportation anthill next spring.
First - why this is necessary.
The fact that the city is full of ants in the yard. All anything, but they bitch too household, and this is my forest suffers. They are bastards, aphids are bred.
I studied this issue carefully, watched them - exactly the shepherds. And they graze herds of aphids, which devours the leaves. And not only. There are aphids, which eats the young shoots of conifers, from that they curl and fall off.

But the city itself ants do not eat aphids!
"Where are swarming aphids, you can often find ants. Ants concern aphids legs or antennae, and aphids secrete a special juice, rich in hydrocarbons and amino acids, favorite food of ants. After eating all the juice, ant aphid moves to the next, then to another until sated. »
But forest ants eat aphids. And urban ants they can not stand, it's like the village lads with the city - you always want to give the face, and do not ask why.
It is home to large forest ants - the city is no small fry.
So I have matured a plan. In the spring, when the ants are sleeping, I poddenu shuflёm small, spun off from the parent, the anthill, with underground passages, ie a layer of earth, and then in his car, in his forest. I have already prepared and place.
The main sugar do not forget to leave transported near the anthill. It is important. As prigreet sun, the ants come out and, of course, obaldeyut: "Shit, this is a city !!?»
Then devour sugar (it is from stress for ant №1), and the chief says: - "So, guys, back to the anthill still does not rollback - real estate. Let our queen in this town to fuck, nothing can be done. " And the city will go face to beat the ants and I only that it should be.
In addition, when the forest will grow strongly, is also a problem. Our people are such that always feels unwell, is not a good bunch can fight, I do know. And where in the city center can be leisurely and fun bunch can fight? Yes, of course in my woods !!!
A forest ants do not tolerate crap, ord. I do not know why, but sruschego they bite, I do know. That will be instead of the dog - the orderlies forests.

References - JRR Tolkien Lord of the Rings. The chapter "Fangorn».



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