EKO-hotel "Romanov Les"

Eco-hotel Romanov Les hotel is located not far from Kostroma and provides modern inhabitant metropolis unique opportunity for a complete rest from the usual hustle and bustle. Here, in the shade of ancient trees on the banks of the Volga, the weekend will last exactly as long as you want. Just a few hours from Moscow, and you will be taken in the conservation area of this fabulous Rus, legendary Kostroma forest.
Eighteen million eight hundred seventy nine thousand nine hundred seventy three

Includes 24 cottages and suites, as well as the hotel which is also 24 rooms in three categories. Choose any room or cottage as their own desires. Natural harmony will seamlessly complement modern Spa-center, saunas and an indoor and outdoor pool. And three gourmet restaurants and a nightclub will not let you forget about the usual city entertainment. Here the usual temperate climate of the middle band seems to be specially tailored to the needs of man. For the most part it is very pleasant and comfortable walk in the fresh air. Summer here is mild and warm. Winter – the quiet, frosty and snowy. Autumn is truly Golden. Eco-friendly hotel Romanov Les takes all the best from the four seasons and generously shares the good weather with their guests.
Fifty million three hundred sixty one thousand one hundred eighty four

This property is surrounded by relict forest was left untouched, preserving its century of greatness and beauty. "Romanov Les" is a place where you can enjoy the fascinating beauty. The quality of services and comfort eco-friendly hotel "Romanov Les" corresponds to the highest European standards, and at the same time is just в340 of kilometrage Moscow.
Forty six million one hundred seventeen thousand five hundred sixty nine

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