If fate closes all doors...

One, when you see a gap, think about the abyss, and others are the bridge over it.

In the woods there lived an old hermit. People whispered that he could put a spell and is able to do the spell. He was afraid, but in case of need sought help.

A farmer from a neighboring village was plagued of misery and, in desperation, he decided to seek the assistance of the hermit.

– What do you need? – grimly asked the hermit, when the farmer early in the morning looked in his cabin.

The man bowed and said in fright:

– I heard a lot about you. Help me, take unhappiness. Wife left, house burnt down, the horse fell, at least in the loop climb.

"Okay," replied the hermit – I'll help you. Follow me.

I went to the farmer, the hermit, and he led him into a thicket and left him there alone.

All day probluzhdal a man in the woods and only in the evening got to the edge. He saw the crimson from the sunset sky, his village in the distance and swept his inexpressible feeling of joy that came out of the thicket and survived.

And why I limp, thought the farmer. – Hands and feet I have a head in place. So I will work and get out of needs. And find a wife and a new house built, and buy the horse.

Thought, laughed for joy, and ran to the village.

Looks and meet him is a hermit. The farmer stood rooted to the spot, and the hermit smiled and said:

– Now you understand that if fate closes all doors, it necessarily opens the window to exit. You only need this window to look for as strongly as you were looking for today the exit from the thicket.

When you become very tight, and everything turns against you, and there seems to be no strength to endure a single minute, never retreat – it is in these moments is the turning point in the fight.published

Author: V. Stone


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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