Real men are not wanted...

Or a couple of words about why so many unfortunate women

I remember as a child, my mother told a joke (maybe not me, but I often heard it):

  • "Monkey, why are you not married?" — asked by a passing crocodile.

  • "So it is not for anyone, around some crocodiles!" — meets the monkey.

Many years have passed, the world around me has changed beyond recognition. Came cell phones, supersonic airplanes, dishwashers. What has not changed is the response of the unmarried ladies: "around one...! No real men, not for anyone!"

Luckily, it is quite the opposite. In our country there are the real men and plenty of them. In my opinion, these are those who are responsible, calm, confident, reliable and generous. They make loving husbands and caring fathers. But such men are not wanted...

Our brides, they seem boring. Suitable for a family man unimaginably boring. It can be:


After all, before to do something, he will carefully consider and calculate the consequences and then act. Serious decisions are not taken quickly, it takes time, as the lady desired it was needed "yesterday".


Morning Breakfast, afternoon work, dinner and sleep, a weekend to sleep off the vacation plan. Maybe somewhere there is a place of passion, more passion getting the same job. There are no kaleidoscope of events. To the mistress not have gone for the hair is not shabby, the car is not broke. It is quite another thing when it is not predictable. So much effort is spent on experiences, discussions with friends, social media posts! And women say we're strong, we can handle it. Just character and life as a Thriller. And then live with a predictable man and has no reason to experience, a bore...


If he says only on the merits. His words have weight and price. No sooner said than done. Promises jewelry the collapse, warehouses mink coats and life on a Paradise beach.
And like a friend with him to chat. He, often, from women's thirty-minute speech can not pull out the essence. Looking at his beloved with a dumb question: all women are fools or to me such got?


But not ostentatious. Not playing checkered and biceps, it can get over a minute of weakness to do what needs and achieve their goals quietly or to perform the feat. And the girl though, and loves "ears", but somehow aggressively looking for a beautiful torsos... Like to live it will be checkered, not with a man.
In my opinion, the real power of men is manifested in generosity towards those who are weaker: children, women, the elderly and animals.

Doing something that is working

Not going for the fog and the smell of the taiga, does not generate business ideas in a million and not even looking for myself (that's terrible — not developed!). Just working, working and working. No matter, he gets pleasure from work or not. He understands that money is a materialized labor. He needs the money – he works. All. It is not about pleasure, it's about the work and, perhaps, about the difficulties. The pleasure is in the bath, on a fishing trip with a favorite. And here it is.


Able to build relationships, for example, to be friends

A real man is usually a friend. One or two. Proven, reliable. What does a lady find a friend of your man? Jealous and tries in every way to get rid of it. After all, the husband then pays attention not only to her but to a friend! But apart from the other, there are parents, brothers or sisters. Help!


Respect other people's choices

Told him "don't call", he doesn't call! I blurted out "Go" — go, he will not hold. The man thinks she pondered, made a decision, and respects her choice. He even does not occur, that is manipulation, and that he should fall at his feet, crying and begging to stay. But the Internet is full of "songs" on "a real man will never give his beloved woman to leave." Let me know what he needs to kill her or sneakers in the teeth worn to death just because she stayed with him?

"Authenticity" is not meet women's expectations, and the generosity and responsibility.

Women, dreaming about princes, hard not to notice the absolutely normal, suitable for married men. Those with whom you can live peacefully, securely and happily. published


Author: Maria Kudryavtseva


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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