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From 16 to 21 August 2011 in the town of Zhukovsky near Moscow will host the tenth anniversary International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2011, deservedly occupies a leading place among the world's largest Me?.

The exhibition is held under the patronage of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation with the support of the State Corporation "Russian Technologies". At this year's Salon will feature 750 companies from 40 countries, whose activity is connected with the aviation industry, space technology and air transport.

The major component of the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2011 is a comprehensive business program. The organizers of the Salon participants provide a platform for professional dialogue, the establishment of business and industrial contacts, new contracts, familiarization with the practical achievements in the development, production, sales, operation and maintenance of aircraft.

The main premiere of the Salon will be the presentation of the Russian multipurpose fighter of the fifth generation PAK FA. For the first time in the history of the European consortium Airbus MAX demonstrates the largest passenger aircraft A-380. The US Air Force will present military transport aircraft C-5A Galaxy and strategic B-52 bomber. Also on static display you will see the AN-124 "Ruslan", the Tu-160, Il-96-400 and the legendary TU-144. Thus, this year's MAX will be the only exhibition in the world, which gathered the largest passenger and cargo planes.

Traditionally, the International Aviation and Space salon await guests at the bright and busy summer program. Visitors waiting performances of four national pilot groups: "Russian Knights", "Swifts", "Falcons of Russia" and "Russia", flying planes demonstrators United States, France and Italy, as well as flights of the best test pilots of Russia in the modern domestic fighters and civilians aircraft.


PAK FA-drawing. 1. Access control to the exhibition

The passage of visitors and staff in the territory of the MAKS-2011 is only a pass or ticket. At the checkpoint is done to identify gaps and body searches of visitors and hand luggage. The bearer must pass to have a passport or other identity document.

Access of visitors during the exhibition (16.08 - 21.08) at the exhibition complex through three checkpoints (PPC) equipped ticket offices.

Customers who have bought tickets zablogovremenno not be able to buy them at the venue on the day of a visit to the Salon. The pre-sale ticket prices are lower than in the day of visitation.

Children under 14 accompanied by an adult are entitled to free access to the Salon.

Attention! August 16 access to the territory of the MAKS-2011 is not carried out, tickets for that day is not commercially available.

2. Meeting with the auto skip

From 16 to August 21, 2011 entry in Zhukovsky nonresident transport without special passes at the MAKS-2011 will be banned.

In the days of the MAKS-2011, from 16 to 21 August 2011, in the area of ​​the fork Ostrovtsy - Zhukovsky - Bykovo monitored vehicles moving in the direction of the fairgrounds. Vehicles with auto skip at MAKS-2011 seamlessly passing further in the direction of the fairgrounds. 19-21 August 2011 cars without Car passes are directed to free parking enforcer "bull." Here visitors leave your car and change to a bus service, MAKS-2011, which dovozyat them to the PPC fairgrounds.

At the entrance airfield "Ramenskoye" is checked auto skip and inspection of vehicles entering the territory. The driver and passengers of vehicles with car passes MAKS-2011 may not have ID badges or tickets. In this case, they get the tickets at the box office before the CAT fairgrounds.

3. By public transport

Directions to the exhibition visitors is carried by train from the Kazan railway station to station "Holiday," "pl. 42 km. " Next service buses MAKS-2011 in the territory of the PPC-1 and PPC-3. Directions are also available from the metro station "Vykhino" buses 424, 478, or from the subway station "Kuzminki" to stop "street. Latskov ", then office bus MAKS-2011 at the Exhibition Grounds.
Passengers service buses MAKS-2011 may not have ID badges or tickets. In this case, they get the tickets at the box office before the CAT fairgrounds.

4. Objects that are permitted for carriage / sneaked into the territory of the exhibition complex

1. All goods being moved across the Globe airfield "Ramenskoye" are subject to inspection at the lack of movement of prohibited items.

2. Approved import-export (bring - takeaway):

 - Office supplies and promotional materials;

 - Personal office equipment, including cellular phones, laptop computers, etc .;

 - Photo and video equipment;

 - Food products (except alcoholic beverages);

 - Personal things;

 - Medicines and related subjects in the territory if the documents (certificates) from the medical institutions of the need for these medicines.

5. Items prohibited for carriage / sneaked into the territory of the exhibition complex

It is prohibited to transport / carry on the Fairgrounds following items and substances:

 - Firearms and cold steel, piercing and cutting items;

 - Flammable and explosive substances;

 - Chemical and toxic substances;

 - Traumatic subjects;

 - Bulky items larger than 50x40x20sm;

 - Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks in glass containers;

 - Illegal drugs, drugs and so on. PAK FA


Tu-144 legend.



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